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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day24- Happy ThanksGiving!!


So Much to be Thankful For

My list is long and I've spent alot of time reflecting this week. About my life, my love, my children and what matters most to me. All felt with clarity and and light heart ♥
I am thankful for God's Grace that has found me. My desire to seek more spirituality to see me through the last few months of my life. The strength inside me grows more and more and I believe that I give some of that power up to the Big Man.

Hope you have the BEST ThanksGiving - Remembering what you are so Thankful for ♥


1/4 mile warm- up

1 mile ladder up run which looked like this:
1/4 mile 8:30 pace
1/4 mile 8:00 pace
1/4 mile 7:41 pace
1/4 mile 7:15 pace

5min on the row machine for 1150meters (not a PR!)

1 set of 20lb bicep curls
1 set of 20lb arm over head shoulder lifts

100lb arm pulldown set of 10
100lb row set of 10
50 lb biceps dually set of 8 *ouchie on the forearms?*
80lb lower back set of 20
90lb abs pushdown

4 jaunts of the hallway
8 sets of stairs
set of 20 ab crunches


2 whole wheat waffles*200
1tblsp pure maple syrup*50

Green Monster shake- made this one with pb2 today! *200

Fish Sandwich-380
2 nuggets*100

Mixed Nuts*250
Greek Yogurt*140
Slice of Pumpkin Roll

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