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Sunday, November 27, 2011


‎2 mile run in 15:40
First Mile at 8min pace- warmed up and hit another great negative split.

Did a 1/2 mile walk cooldown- I think I could of gone 3 with a mad knee- as these 2 were easy for the knee and I had no complaints, but I was also medicated on ibuprofren!

Followed that with the Day 1 of Insanity® . Took My Test and here are my
Fit-Test Results for Day 1: Super Excited for my 60days!
1) 120
3) 99
4) 42
7) 19

whooped Runners boys ass on this ;-p I beat him in all departments except the pushups - he cranked out several more than me but in one minute with a plank/push up I managed to do 19!
Great Sweat/Burn and my calves were feeling a little compromised after the run to really get in the best performance on the fit test but lets just say I SPANKED even the numbers that people on the video AFTER 60 days of Insanity- OMG!! this is going to make me so much STRONGER!! WATCH OUT!!

1.5 organic egg
1/4 cup egg white
4 slices of all natural minced ham deli meat
2 slices of wheat
tsp of butter *yes, butter- so rare but I used it on my sons toast and he gave me a pc and instant I was craving TOAST WITH BUTTER...OMG!!*
tsp of jam
1 cup of turkey soup *posted blog entry for the soup* so good!!!
1oz of sharp cheddar cheese to go in soup
after run - dinner- was double protein shake with pb2 serving size
electrolyte drink
Greek yogurt with wheat germ

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