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Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 26- Sore Hiney!

I woke up feeling better!!

I Marathon cleaned my castle all day long. I'm not sure how it gets that dirty so fast....if you all know me by a stay at home momma I clean 1-2hrs every day around here. Making beds daily, dishes, floors, laundry! Oye! Today, after yesterdays holiday fun- the house looked as though a bomb had exploded.

Anyways! 5 hrs of cleaning and then when RunnerBoy came Home I took off for a run. Having done 3 yesterday I was curious to how the knee would treat me today! I am on ibuprofren before my runs so I was able to crank out 2 happy miles. All be it FAST, I'm Loving my Run!

7:58 first mile
7:25 2nd Mile
So Happy Negative Split!!!

Then off to the Gym with RunnerBoy and did the following:

20lbs biceps arm curls 3 sets of 10
10lbs lateral arm raises 2 sets of 10 forward and to the side
10lbs tricep reverse curls 3 sets of 10
10 reps of bench of dips for 2 sets
10 ab crunches on incline bench for 4 sets
20 ab crunches on ball
3 sets of 11 pushups
10lb tricep arm curl raises for 2 sets of 10
80lb tricep pulldown 2 sets of 10
****off to the Cybex Equipment*****
60lb quad curls together and each leg x 10
40lbs hamstrings x 10
100lb pulldown x10
100lb row x 10
70lbs obliques each side x10

5 min. on the elliptical for 1 mile- my KNEE GOT PISSED on this machine- I think I'm pushing it too much and my knee is beyond angry! flaring sharp pains had me stopping this and going to the row :(

5min on the row machine for 1165 meters.

stretch/heatpad for recovery!

now tonight...I sit here with my laptop with the worlds most sore hiney- my poor glute muscles are MAD!

I'm noticing a little cough too- as if there is some phlegm in my lungs and I've coughed it out.......I wonder if that's why yesterday/today my lungs were a little hurting- I was just thinking it was lack of deep lung cardio, now I'm thinking a small lung infection.


Coffee *skipped foods considering the illness in the belly last night*

Liquid Lunch
10 oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillian Michaels all natural protein powder

2 cups squash
4 oz white turkey breast
1/4 cup stuffing
bite of cranberry sauce
10 oz almond milk
JM protein powder
greek yogurt w/ wheat germ

Air Popped Popcorn *no chocolate ;) *

Total: 1400

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