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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4- MRI

Day 4-
I wrote a big blog post about self esteem- I'd like for you to read it and hope you can take something away from it!
Today I took as a Rest Day.
I had my MRI Today.
Never had a test like this one before so the drumming of the machine was rhythmic and laugh at me now......cause I fell asleep ;-p
c'mon how often do I ever just 'lay' there? That when am I ever around such quiet?
I knew I fell asleep when my arm flew backwards and I startled myself, tehehehe!
Then I read a Voque Magazine where I dreamed about a GREAT Photographer taking my pics as a Model Photo Shoot. I think with the right photographer and lighting/clothes I could make a really pretty model. Then I had a fantasy of being the photographer for these people. They go to such beautiful locations and they dress in such amazing clothing. I'd love that ♥ Maybe one day!
I won't know the results for another 2 weeks....WTF??? UM. NO, that's not how I roll. I'll be calling them tmrw! haha! then again on Monday!! No seriously my appt is in two weeks and she said I would get call asap if it shows something serious. So I suppose it will be a No News is a good news sorta deal.
Foods: I calorie up on Rest Days. Better Recovery for me :-)
Organic egg-75
1/2 slice 2% cheese-25
Triple Health English Muffin-100
Nuts snack pack-150
8oz Almond Milk-90
1 scoop protein powder-100
3 oz poultry sausage patty-140
1.5 cups steamed mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)-75
Chobani Greek Yogurt-140
2 tblsp Wheat Germ -50
Nuts Snack Pack-150
air Popped Popcorn-150
dark chocolate-100
Cals - 1410 (still under my calorie up allotment...I like to go to 1600-1800 on rest days)
If you fruit? I just got my period today and this may sound weird but I crave carbs pretty bad so I tend to stay away from as much as sugar as possible during these vulnerable times. This Morning I was practically drooling over my kids Organic Orange juice!!!
Tip: Buy a big bounce ball- they are only about ten bucks. You can get on matter your size. Work on balance, did ab crunches and you can put it up against a wall and work it up and down the wall for a great core work-out. There are so many exercises you can do with this ball.
Of course My problem is the KIDS ATTACK ME WHEN I'M ON IT!!

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