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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Did not try to run today. Still on the pinky promise with RunnerBoy to give myself Running Rest.
20min in weight room- 2 sets of arm curl routine
1 hr of spin- dripping sweaty spin class! My Spin will be my new best friend till I can run. I've always wanted to get into cycling. I'd always said I'd like to be a triathlete....maybe this is my push in that direction? I am incredibly optimistic everything happens for reasons. I'm reading between the lines and looking outside the box on this situation!
20min in weight room *again* for 2 more sets of arm curls
10min in Nautillus for
45lb quad curls
180 leg press *with focus on the right knee to see if I could trigger pain..NOPE! *
50lb back hamstring x10 both legs and x10 each leg at 20lbs
110lb arm pull downs x10
55lbs ab crunching for two solid minutes....feel the ab burn!
80lb Obliques each side x10
Doctors appt & x-rays.
x-rays negative.
Doc thinks this is NOT a stress fracture
Focus is on the meniscus right now. Baffled at all my x-train without pain but classic knee pop sounds, location of pain is idea for meniscus tear. I am going to be set up with an MRI within the week to rule out anything structurally broken. That's what I wanted. It's never good if you can't run for more than 4minutes 9 days out....something is wrong. Although I'm highly optimistic it's not incredibly serious!
"My first trip to a SPORTS DOC....SAY WHAT SEXY BLUE SHORTS....CAN'T YOU HANDLE MY SEXY AZZ LEGS!! Who would thunk this ex-McFatty would end up in a SPORTS DOCTORS OFFICE BEGGING TO RUN! bwahahahahahahahaha!"
Just because I'm a googling dork I found this test they give *which they did not give to me?* but it's called the McMurray's Test. Don did this test on me and I ached after for the lateral meniscus. I had popping and Don said he felt it in the knee *although I insisted he try it again to make sure the pop was not from my right hip...cause I have right hip pops all the time...but he hates that sorta thing...whateves!
My Eats Today:
1 organic egg over easy
slice of wheat toast
tsp of spread
1 scoop triple chocolate whey protein
8oz almond milk
2 slices of whole wheat
1/2 can of salmon
1tblsp of lowfat mayo
spinach leaves
1 cup grapes
1 whole wheat tortilla
spinach leaves
organic cherry tomato
1 oz mozz cheese
2tblsp guacamole
1tblsp lowfat sour cream
3oz grilled chicken breast
1 cup of grapes
1 greek yogurt
1 serving walnuts
2 cups of coffee
Todays Total:
1380 Cals: 45% carbs, 27% protein, 27% healthy fats
43 fat
160 carbs
95 protein
23 grams of fiber
2080 sodium
90 vitamin c

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