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Sunday, October 9, 2011

8 Sleeps- Letchworth Day2

I'll just picture story my day for you. Filled with lots of running, pics, family hiking, playground time. Spent another 6hrs at the park and then traveled the couple hr trip back home where I showered up and took them to another park and then hit up the grocery store and then finally SOME SOUND SLEEP!

Enjoy my Pics!

1 mile while the kids played at the playground
2 miles while we were stuck in traffic *yep we were leaving the state park and there was this HUGE craft show going on and the traffic was SLOW AND RunnerBoy says..."Babe, why don't you get out and run....I'll pick you up on the other side of this traffic" and I was like "oh HOT DAM....YES!! " SO I TOOK UP ABOUT A 18 MIN RUN!

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