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Tuesday, October 4, 2011




I have whispered to select few of my desires to become an ultra runner. It was a goal of mine for this fall however because of my deep desire to hit up this local marathon as a yearly tradition for the rest of my running life (since it's close to my home-town and it's an inaugural event!!) I'm hoping to run this even for as long as they hold it!

I plan to run an ultra next year as it prepares me with both distance and speed.

Ultimately my deepest desire, goal and dream is to Qualify for Boston and Run it.

That my Friends would be CLIMATIC for me! It's going to propel me in the YEARS ahead to reach this goal.

It's not going to happen next year, *maybe in 2013* but hopefully the year after!! I have fantasy that I'll qualify for Boston after I turn 35 and can gain a couple extra minutes to qualify because of my age. Which I believe with the new stat changes I'll have to Run a 3:40 to Qualify for Boston after the age of 35! know what....I'M GOING TO DO IT!

This pushes me on all my runs. When I feel weak and feel sore, etc I think about Boston.

I was out there running today and having already crushed crosstrain cardio for almost an hour prior to a simple 6 miler I was feeling spent.
There was this thought that traveled into my head that I'll be fine. It's not going to happen right now! I had a Very Special Person in my Life that told me this and I hear this in my head every time I need a little mental push "If there is anyone that can do it...Then it's you Connie" ♥
I'm never going to forget that. How simple and easy the words but when they come from a place of real sincerity then it means that much more. Thank You for That, I'm never going to forget it. xxx

So there you have it. I'm expressed my deepest running desires. So when you Wonder why I push so hard and how I keep taking my training to the next level it's because I have Real Goals and I hope you get to watch me get there!

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