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Friday, October 21, 2011

Recovery Day 4 -try to run again

Spent the day with the boom tunes in my ear cleaning my castle for hours. Just randoms I have not done in a while like wash windows and mirrors, etc. I like a clean castle. With RunnerBoy off for a few weeks we cleaned like normal but it's not my kind of 'clean' cause I like it done well ;-)

Hit up the Gym with RunnerBoy.
I tried to run the track and couldn't. My right leg is hurting it's around my right shin, up toward the knee. When I push off it pings my shin and into my knee. Feels like something awful is holding me back from taking a normal stride. I can walk. I don't have inflammation. I don't' have pain unless I run. I was upset. I wanted to cry only because I was ready to sweat. I was ready to run. The quad still a little sore but doable for an easy 3 today to aide in recovery.

2 arm curl sets
110lb arm pull downs x10
85lb obliques each side
55lb ab crunches x 30

2% 1/2 slice cheese-25
waffle -100
100 cal english muffin-100
whole wheat tortilla-140
3 fat free turkey slices-30
spinach leaves-5
tbslp lowfat mayo-35
fried fish fillet from local fish house-400
1/2 whole wheat bun - 70
tartar sauce- 50
cappellini with asiago cheese pasta salad (from Wegmans grocery) -200
Zesty Ranch Kettle Chips-280

Total: 1410

Hey Connie where is your fruit and veggies? Wow! NOT ENOUGH! I need to get back to balanced intake!

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