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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recovery Day 2- HOTT DATE!

I rolled out of bed this morning....with same "OUCHIE" feeling as yesterday!

Hello I'm more sore and tight in new places. My tightly defined muscles I saw yesterday have been replaced with the looks of puffy thighs and calves. Delayed onset Muscle Soreness (Doms) known as a inflammatory reaction to muscles that have been used and abused! To keep it simple, the muscle was tore up on my run and now in it's natural way of protecting and healing the muscle holds fluids. The extra body weight reflects the start of the DOMS...I'm up 4lbs in one saw what I ate yesterday, it's all fluids. I'll go up even more in the days to come. Likely an upward of 7-10lbs. But...That is ME! you may be different. My body LOVES to react this way. It was something I had to learn as I became an endurance runner with my attempts to lose weight and my scale watching. I would go so upset when I'd gain that much. But I learned it was water and it would take about 2-3days to put all the water on...and another 5-7 to get rid of it all.

My Hott Date was with my New Foam Roller! Oh Yes...OUCHIE! I rolled my calves, quads, itb and glutes. Nice painful roll. seriously I could barely put the pressure of my body onto the ITB on both sides, but it's done.

Tonight I notice I'm walking a little easier and going up and down stairs is still hard, lol.

stretching galore! GALORE! sticking too!

1 egg white, 1 whole organic egg, wheat toast
1/2 pbj
1 cup of rice
1 cup orange chicken
6 breaded nuggets (oh I'm a nuggett lover)
1/4 cup of mac and cheese....yes , yes....I was LAZY tonight and ate my kids dinner!
dark chocolate for dessert
organic Apple

Tmrw....My husband is back to work for the first time in 3 weeks. I'll miss him but I'm happy to be back to my routine. My cleaning...just me and my twins. Although I'll be honest. I may go to the gym for a work-out, then story time and then shopping....ssshhh...don't tell him!

;-) I am excited to buy some new sexy clothes for Winter.

Plus....I want to buy a new goal outfit. I'm aiming for 145! Getting Ready for Epic running season next do that...leaner, lighter and tighter! Toss any extra lbs and keep getting more muscle! Boom! I really hope to challenge my readers to join me. To make an 8 week challenge to get us through the holidays! Either to lose, eat healthy, maintain or get more fitness! We can do it!

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