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Sunday, October 9, 2011

9 Sleeps-Letchworth

Decided last minute (cause that's how I roll yo') to take my lil family on an adventure!

Picked my daughter up early from school (OMG...she LOVED THIS) just a couple of hours early but to get picked up by surprise to say we are leaving town and staying in a hotel and going hiking....she was STOKED!

Took them to Letchworth State Park-

Known as the Grand Canyon East this is a Gorge one Dozens in New York carved out by Glaciers back before the Dinosaurs. This Gorge is HUGE and beautiful. You enter the park and the park is 15 miles long and full of breathtaking pit stops for viewing, photography, picnics and most of all hikes! tons and tons of trails!

First night up there was all about catching the sunset. touring the park and seeing what we might do the next day!

Got back to the hotel room and relaxed. My husband hit up the cardio room to loosen up after his 20 miler and hit up some weights. I then attempted to make my way to the hot tub for a good muscle soak but it was consumed by kids past 9pm...big FAT WTF....argh....hey dad's and mom's bring your kids to bed, lol. So I went back and changed so I could run. I will confess I took the back stairs several times to travel from the 3rd floor to the first floor every time I went up and down. it was quiet and dead in the stair way. sorta really wide stairs and all carpeted, really well lit (besides my naughty girl side where I wished runnerboy was in there me....BOOM!) I was thinking of running stairs for a while but wanted to save the calves the ache for Sundays Race!

Got outside in this unknown place (known for his history and it's State University) I was unsure of where I could run. Only one small sidewalk in this commercial area and it went 1/2 mile down. So I went down and on my way back I was heckled by some bisnatch and she yelled out "run bitch run" she said it 3 times waiting for my response. Lucky I was in good spirits and ignored the hate. I did think one thing though...."WHERE IS THE HUMANITY???" second time in the last few weeks where I ran in a new location away from home and was 'messed' with. I don't like that. How cruel some people are. Whatever! skank can kiss my ass! BOOM!

Got back to the hotel where I was the object of everyone attention..hello runnergirl at 10pm on a Friday coming into a hotel....I'm not a stripper...I'm a runner! dang!

Hit up the cardio room where the treadmill was a bit dumb and had this special bounce technology? what? how crazy...just give it to me simple people, couldn't run on that crazy feeling. Don said the same thing he managed a couple miles....I managed about 1minute. Fudge that!

Elliptical was cheesey...looked nice operated like shiz. Spent 10minutes on the bike and then hit up one set of weights.

Opted for bed at that point.

So recap:
1 mile
10min bike
1 set of weights.
hey...I tried, lol.

P.s. my cold has downgraded from green to yellow...SCORE! the run BURNED my lungs...the cold air the lung infection? not sure! ugh.

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