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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Happy RunnerGirl on a RestDay? How can that be?


Well first off I got my Runners World Magazine that greeted me this morning and I was like "SCORE" !!

Then My Husband Ran his 20 miles in 2:50 (8:23 pace!!!) and he inspired me to go SHOPPING! How does the two equal? I don't know...they just did, haha!

Score items today:
New Runners! * love new shoes*
New Nike Purple Skirt (Marathon outfit)
New Nike Purple Tank (Marathon outfit)
New Nike Sweat Bands
New Nike Tank for training
New sparkly purple laces (um heck yeahs to match the purple Marathon outfit ;-)

ALSO BEST OF ALL....>>>>>>New Droid!!! I've yet to explore but I look forward to new Running apps! It has a GPS so I can use on my runs and it has the MP3 and unlimited text/Internet/calls ......which means easier sharing on facebook! I get to have a better camera to use on my runs for my Runography so I'm PUMPED!

Anyone run with the Droid? Got an ideas for armbands? how do you run with yours? do you like it? do you have apps where it tells you distance and pace?


Ok and now the troubling news :(
I've started to get sick.
My kids had it.
I have a deviated septum and I'm prone to chronic sinusitis and often a simple cold for most and dripping forward and out always just means the opposite for me and I drip back and get a tad sore throat, severe inflammation of the back passageways and this leads to phlegm build up on vocal cords through out the night and in the morning I sound like an old trucker and act like my 85 year old grandfater (god rest your soul!) when I tried to hack up what Green nasty gunk collected over night :(
Oh it's the story of my life and the fall/Winter are always a constant battle to eat well and be a super freak about germs (how can I do that with 3 nasty lil kids that touch and lick random things like shopping carts and touch the walls in public bathrooms....*barf* My kids know I'm a germ phobic anyways *always excellent at keeping the germs away...hey I had twin preemies I became an expert real fast on germ prevention*

I'm running it tmrw. My legs feel great. My body is tired today. but hopefully some sleep will help. I might run and it might feel like someone blasted me in the face about fitty (yes that = fifty) and might bitch and moan when I'm done but bare with me....cause that's freaking 20 miles with a cold. The ONLY thing I fear is not running in this condition is the offset chance that with this endurance run that I weaken my immune system and get more sick. It's going to be optimal that I recovery smartly. Power Packed Nutrition and complete REST! I can handle that!

Wish me Luck!

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  1. Hey Connie,
    I run with my iPhone and use the Log Your Run app. It measures my distance, time(pace) & heart rate. This app also offers graphs to show your speed vs time, you can see how fast you ran each individual mile on your run. It is easy to upload data from your runs to various websites. It also works with my music & best of all, it's *free*.
    Feel better & Enjoy your Droid!