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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Team York 5k

Wow....What a Great Run today!

Quick Fast Rewind.

Yesterday we Did Team York Day 1 when my husband and I had the great opportunity to capture the special moments of someones wedding day ♥ As photographers we worked so well together and we shared in their special day and we got to have plenty of Team York Special Moments ourselves. This couple got married in the same chapel we did ♥ We got to the reception and our wedding song played ♥

The Bride and Groom provided us with a meal at the country club and they had this really quiet romantic table tucked away for us to dine out. It was like a little date in the middle of this incredibly special day for someone became a special day for us too :)


We were tired so went to bed around 11 and then tried to ignore the 6am alarms, lol

Got the entire family ready and we headed to Syracuse for the Festival of Races


Don started the race alone and then around the time he would come in I brought the kids to the bathroom and then waited for him to cross!
A smile on his face he set a new Personal Record for himself!

Official Stats:
Overall Place: 180 out of 376
Overall age group: 12 out of 23
Chip: 21.34 pace 6:57

OMG....So Proud of him!

Then I started my race a little while later.

No music and to be honest for 5k's this is going to be my new way to RUN!
I LOVE music...c'mon any of my followers know how much it moves me, inspires me and most certainly pushed that BOOM BLASTER BUTTON but today with the rain and the risk of not damaging the mp3 I ran with out. The sound of my feet....all the runners feet...our breathing, snorts, snot rockets, huffing, clearing throats, applauds from crowd, bands makes this short distance that much more FUN, like really soak it are only out there for a little while and I'm learning to embrace and respect the 5k!

I ran this race last year...MY FIRST EVER 5K....MY SECOND EVER RACE! 30:30 was my time (I think, lol)

So to be out there I was hoping to feeling up to hitting sub 24min.

I ran strong and my pace and splits were pretty even and I have to be COMPLETELY honest with you...I ran comfortable...I ran strong. I feared pushing myself. I am trying to work on that. As I adventure into the 7min range for pace I fear side stitches I fear failure. I knew in my head and heart that I could most certainly run faster. BUT.....HOT DAM....I was so comfortable. I was in a group of 2 other ladies...both in the US track and field team and to just run next to these tad older ladies at this pace felt great. I knew we were all sort of pacing each other.

But...........I think I could of came in under 24 min if not for one mistake (besides that .1 at the end of the 3 miles, lmao) but I got caught up in these 2 ladies pace toward the end and without realizing it (rookie error) I was sucked into slowing down. I tend to only glance at the watch if I feel 'slow' and I noticed I felt like we were slowing down and when I saw that they had dropped to about a 8:15 pace and I was like 'FUCK' cause it happens so easily...all 3 of I had to step it up and that's what I did to just break away from them and catch my own groove for at least the last 4/10ths a mile and I think if I had just mentally pushed that boom blaster button just about the time I unconsciously slowed down I could of set a BETTER PR today and not just by 6 seconds ;-p

Anyways...6 seconds faster is still faster!

My Stats
Overall woman's place: 97 out of 322
Overall age group: 11 out of 38
Chip time: 24:27 pace 7:52
Splits: 12:05 & 12:22

Oh my Gosh...I asked RunnerBoy "Why is all the guys staring at I have mascara running down my face?" he says "'s your Nipples....they are going to poke their eyes out" bwahahahahaha.....omg....what am I supposed to do? My itty bitty's are a tad COLD ...please ladies....tell me what can I do...padded running bras? um...HELLZ NO!! I AINT WEARING NO DAM PADDED TATA SLINGER! they are small and pointy, bwahahahaa. Next time I told myself....Recovery Coat :) something to throw on after the race so I don't stick out ;-p


Husband-Wife Category Team Results

1. Team: 08
18:49 + 22:18 = 41:07
1468 Eric Smith, 820 Jill Smith
2. Team: 07
21:40 + 24:29 = 46:09
1480 Donald York, 812 Connie York
3. Team: 01
20:55 + 26:04 = 46:59
1314 John Hunter, 634 Kim Hunter
4. Team: 02
24:17 + 26:57 = 51:14
1405 Jim Sacco, 738 Jenny Sacco
5. Team: 04
32:52 + 34:42 = 1:07:34
1432 John Stawarz, 737 Natalie Russo
6. Team: 05
34:32 + 37:44 = 1:12:16
1202 David Aitken, 503 Kerri Aitken

Ok We look like Shiz Nizzle...rain...wet.....sweat..but here we are in all HAPPY AND PROUD SKANKY GLORY ;-)


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  1. Don totally has his hand on your butt lol. Loved reading this post!