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Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Sleeps

Today I rest.

Today I feel Best.

Today I'm starting to get butterfly's!!

Truth be told I've cried a few times in the last couple of days. Only when I think of what I carry with me on this journey, what I bring to the table on Race Day. My Journey through weight loss, life changes. The journey through life. Ever Winding. Ever Confusing. Most times challenges. Forever Grateful and I try to see past the drama of my summer with family, friends and estranged situations you will never know about. But in the end, it is the journey that is what brings me to this moment. This will not be about the hours spent getting to the finish line.
Just as it was with my first Marathon this past May, it was not about 26.2 miles to run. It was the hundreds of miles that had brought me there. It was the all the training. The training that challenges your mind, your heart and soul. The journey of thoughts so crazy and wild. So free and emotional. The ability to connect with yourself, the ability to connect with others through the passion. It's all amazing to me.

I started back in July, just weeks out of Marathon #1, giving myself about 4-6 weeks of freedom running. If you could call it that. Burden runs are no fun. Tears hidden in the rain and runs where I felt like the wind was holding me back. It was certainly not always the elements that held me back, it was my heart. Hurtin' and aching for so many reasons. The fruit of my work in the last 2 years to get to a point of 'happiness' with my new body and new lifestyle were only burdened by dramatic bullshit from family and those that I love.

I had to train through that. Shit.

I tell you one thing, look back through my training runs you will see my progression. That through all the weakness in my heart and soul I found strength and courage. I found myself lacing up and doing the only thing in my life that seemed to come easy and make the most sense to me. Running. I want it for life. I am addicted to what it gives me. I am addicted to who I am on the road. What I feel in my head and my heart when I'm out there. I sadly think if I were younger I'd truly try to make a career out of Running. If I could of tried all this years ago, I think I could of been a real good athlete. Well, I could now too. In my own place, in this area, in the dark shadows here lies and lurks this 33 year old woman that used to morbidly obese, she has come to steal age group wins in all the local races ;-) haha, I love it.

I think so hard about all the things I shouldn't do this week: here is my list and liberal people, this is open hearted jokingly on half truths, lol

No Monster Mash
No Cling ons
No piggy back rides
No wrestling
No arm wrestling *oh wait, I did arm wrestle against my husband who does 30lbs arm curs *sshh..I do 20lbs! and does 500 push ups everyday* well I still beat him and let me add that I left a bruise on his thumb, I'm such a bully ;-p haha!
No High Heels *dam I love black sexy boots and I can't wear them! boo hoo
No alcohol- oh fudge that, I had me 2 drinks earlier in the week, so rare on any given week let alone taper!
No fast food
No Greasy foods
No heavy meals
No new foods
No running
No weight training
No cross training
Nothing new or different.


What I do want to do and have been doing!

•Hydration- peeing clear people! yay!
•massage- dam I'm good. my leg and knee are happier
•lots of hamstring stretching-
•lots of ITB stretching
•lots of nutrition. I'm talking power packed foods, loaded with all natural vitamins/minerals and omegas and everything fantastic!
•heating pads
•Ibuprofren- took me 4 days, but I FINALLY took some today even through all the leg pain, I didn't want to mask an injury.

I am really getting excited. Tmrw is packet pick up and Expo! Woot, Woot!

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