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Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 1

What I carry ....pass through my hands and onto you ♥ I hope you all can pay it forward! The private group page so far on facebook.....SO AMAZING! If you are apart of the challege then join us!
Today is Day 1
Fresh start, new beginnings *maybe not for those that never stopped or those that already began! *
But Welcome!
I have received all the emails (yet if you want to join in then you must email me at and drop me a list of your goals and plans to reach them!! I've stock piled all the struggles of everyone. As much there is a lot of individualization in each post, but I have noticed there is common struggles.
I look forward in the days, weeks, months to come to hit up all of these issues and concentrate on them all one by one. Each are a reminder of where I was.
There are a few of us that have ended our 'loss' journey and need to find a manageable place with balancing our fitness and foods. And I look forward to using you as well to help me figure myself out too!
•Everyday in our private group I will start a thread and ask what you ate and what you did for fitness that day. Have time go in and jot it all down and share with me and with everyone for accountability. If not write it down for yourself each day and then Compile the information and tell me how you did calorie wise each day for the whole week! Or if you are using Weight Watchers if you stayed on point! I want you to touch base with me minimally each MONDAY! To account for your food intake and your fitness goals.
•Keep the journal of what you ate, write down calories (points) /times you ate and most importantly what you were doing and how you were feeling at the times you were eating.*this is going to help you connect your food intake with your emotional/unconscious eating or munching you may be doing!
•you can hand journal, find apps to help you or even send them to me daily but this is your job! you must do this for yourself! I will ask that if you don't tell me everyday that you at least touch base with my every Monday! *yes I know I'm repeating myself, lol*
•I want you to record your start weight, take photos and if you can take measurements of your calves/thighs/hips/waist/just below your breast/arms. This is going to show you differences you are making even if the scale is not showing you the numbers you want to could be burning fat and gaining muscle! These measurements can help you!
• Follow your fitness plan. If you need to purchase hand weights for at home use, I suggest 3 or 5lbs at first if you have no other experience with them. I will point you in the direction of free online videos and actually some of you ladies are already sharing YouTube videos of great work-outs for at home!! I love this! I am going to be sharing with you too even just simple online videos/pics of different arm routines for your weights so you can start working on your strength training at home. *so great for while you are winding down watching TV....exercise instead of eat!*

•Go Here and determine your BMR and what you will need to consume *round about* with how much fitness you are able to do in a week! go to this page, read it and then use the Harris Benedict Formula from the tab in that page to determine your calorie needs! I am just going to say now....No less than 1200 ever is ever suggested and you will likely fall between 1200 & 1600!
•Start your own version of 30 days of Thanks! For November each day share what you are thankful for ♥
This is a Great Start for assignments for the week!!
My Next Blog Will be about Emotional Eating! What most everyone has been waiting to read!
Today you are going to be Great. You will walk through your fears and you will make great choices toward a better you! We won't worry about yesterday and we only think about today, the here and now! As with all things in life...that is all we have. I want you to stop thinking about all the ways you messed up or got it all wrong. It leads you to where you are meant to be today! So willing and ready to let it all go and move on! That is what is ideally going to bring about the Life Change you so desperately want. This does not happen overnight. You are going to struggle, you are going to get bored and you may get incredibly frustrated if you think you are putting in all the efforts yet the scale does not tell you want to see. But this is where I help you understand that it's never going to be about that number. It's always going to be about how you feel! You may not lose on some days or maybe some weeks but I'll be there whispering in your ears that you feel better, that even though though you did not lose fat that you may have gained muscle. I will remind you that eating well and staying fit is not about skinny! it's about your health. That each day your body rebuilds cells in your body. On a cellular level you are taking back and reversing all the damage you once did. You see my connection with food went from emotional eating to understanding that we need to eat to survive...physically yet most of you are using it to survive emotionally. Perhaps in your journey you will realize all the things that drive you toward food. I am hopefully going to help you learn how to cognitively change your thought pattern with food to go from a love relationship with it to one that is of necessity and so you can build a new friendship with it. I believe you are all capable of Greatness and once you really start trying new ways of looking at all of this and step out of your comfort zone then you will really start to succeed.
I am so Glad you are with me! I too am stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm not running normal right now due to injury. I'm finding a new way to eat with my changed metabolism and body hunger....I'm learning to sleep more *I suffer from insomnia frequently* and eating is on track always has been...but I will be cutting back to lose. I'm focused on strength training to a high degree. I'm pushing myself in my arm curl routines, working my core, started 30 day shred, 7 weeks of TRX training, Boxing. This is all new to me and I'm excited to share with you. I promise you one thing...lack some motivation...Just come see me for a pep talk ;-)
Day 1 for Connie
My fitness Today:
30 day Shred
2 sets of 20lb arm curl routines
110lb arm pull down
55lb ab crunching for 2mins
15 min Elliptical
1 hr TRX training
My Foods:
Apple (on the time to eat....hate that)
8oz almond milk
1 scoop Jillian Michaels Whey Protein
1 slice of wheat
1 tblsp all natural pb *please if you use hydrogenated PB switch!* No HFCS!
1 tsp all natural jam
greek yogurt
1 tblsp wheat germ
2 slices of wheat with crust cut off ;-p
1 veggie burger
1 cup of fresh spinach fried
4 cherry tomato's
1 apple
1tblsp of organic bbq sauce
2 kids nuggets with honey ;-) I love nuggets!
900 calories...No worries...I'll go eat a healthy snack, it's cause I didn't get enough for breakfast besides the apple!
Ok and Just because I asked you for pics and measurements here are my goals/pics/stats
Fitness Goals:
1200 calories daily with 1 calorie up day of 1800
4 days a week of arm work-outs
Trx Weekly
Boxing Weekly
Cardio 1hr-1.5 hrs daily 5-6x weekly *which by the Grace and Blessing from Above he'll let me run soon*
Weight: 163.....a far cry and uncomfortable 163 for me from 158 and my past 154! Oh but I loved Marathon training hard and eating regrets ;-)
Waist: 31
Hips: 38.5
Arms: 12.75 *My guns are coming in so nice!!*
I love Rocking it out in the gym with my Marathon Shirt On! Boom !

Day 1 of what I'm thankful for: Watching my Kids trick or treating. My sons manners, my daughters Allyssa's happy smiles for the longest time ever! My daughter Whitney for running down the street with me and in between houses. I smiled so much on Halloween and as I walked down the sidewalk I actually stored that sweet memory into my Memory Bank ♥

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