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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running Safety

The loss of 4,092 lives in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes in 2009, almost eleven people every day of the year, is an awful toll (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts).

We are all out there to Save Our Life! Not interested in getting killed.

Personally I Kiss my kids before I leave the house on every run. You just never know.

I've had a few close calls.

Mostly all my own fault (of course their fault but still mine)

Yesterday for example:
Running straight...see a lady come to a corner...I see her...she doesn't see me. She turns right *toward me* but is ONLY looking left and CONTINUES WITHOUT LOOKING RIGHT well I almost got hit and I yelled at her "YOU HAVE TO LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE TURNING" the horror on her face as I was almost struck by this huge SUV that struggled to stop quickly as was barely even moving fast either. Crazy. I say this is my fault because I know better. I almost always make a gesture/eye contact or go around behind the car at the corner/intersection etc. That way I don't worry about anything except for oncoming traffic turning into the road.


Ok so lessons for you coming from couple thousand miles run on the street

• When coming to an intersection go behind the vehicle
• make eye contact, use body language to signal they see you and you can cross
• when you running straight; don't get complacent stay attentive to every dang street because there are people that don't see you (blindspots!!) and they can turn onto a street that you are attempting to cross!
• Run in the face of cars...that way you can move/jump over if you need to
• Run the Sidewalk as much as possible
• pick roads with a broad shoulder
• be super cautious in the have a hard time stopping
• rain ...fog....can cause vision problems for drivers so as much as you love to run in the rain use extra caution or run the sidewalk, a trail or route where you can be the safest possible.
• Run without music...if you want to listen to it...pop out the headphones and listen to an exterior speaker, one earbud in out....turn it down half way! You should be safe enough to hear someone yelling out or a car honking at you!
•carry Identification
•carry cell phone or change to use a payphone
•carry money in case you need to eat/drink quickly

Don't make assumptions about drivers.
Wear Safety, Reflective Gear!!

•Shoes/laces, coats with reflective striping/piping.
• blinking lights
• reflective vests
• you can buy reflective stickers!

If you Love to Run at Night or Alone take some caution of the sick perps out there.

•Run with a pocket knife for safety
•Run with mace for dangerous dogs/people
•carry a weapon (OMG>>>SOME PEOPLE RUN WITH GUNS!!!) please check your local laws on this and make sure you are permitted to run with one!
• Run with a Dog - that can intimidate a predator
• Run with Friends, Run with a Run Club -

Here I am just before my run!

Reflective Gear- vest/coat/under armor clothing, mace, knife, money, ipod no headphones, red blinker

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