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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Sleeps


4 mile run this morning. My hamstrings ARE TIGHT...LIKE OMG...OUCHIE....TIGHT! I should have stretched yesterday. Oh the price I pay for ignorance. I stretched real good after but I will admit now...the right leg, hip and knee are PISSED OFF!! :(
I'm not in pain, I'm experience flares of 'oh' and sporadic aches that makes me go "Ugh"

I'll stretch, stretch, stretch!!

I think one thing I have to be mindful of is that I was sick....when I was sick I was in a constant mode of headaches, sinus pain so I was hiding the aches of taper with ibuprofren and tylenol. I have not taken any meds in since Sunday Evening. So I'm feeling my body for the first time in probably a week. Something to consider and remember as I work out the niggles of the fast 5k and the taper.

I ran today and this is not doubt, but more an awareness, I feel great and I could run 26.2 today if I had to. But, it's been 3 weeks since I ran 20. It's been 2 since I ran past 13 and last week and this week I'll run nothing past 6.

Of coures I have NO doubts but I will confess the typical runners "Am I losing my Fitness" thoughts as they pour in my head. We are nutty as runners aren't we? We think such crazy stuff!

I found 2 cents on my run today ♥

I also confess I'm carrying around a little marathon baby. My pcos was BAD this month. My right ovary caused havoc with my insulin resistance and my carb craving was likely the worst I've ever seen it. My hints of self indulgance didnt help as I ate healthy but too much likely too often. We all know I put away the scale *for the most part* as I finished up training. I have enough in my life right now to stress about. The lbs don't surprise me. I'm a healthy, I have great muscle but I hate that I put on the few lbs but I'm excited because I feel for the first time in 6 weeks I can get back to normal with routine runs/work-outs and eating! No more pushing my body to the point that it yells at me food despite having fed it 1800 calories that day! I can eat lighter like I like and get back some control I've seen to have lost in the last few weeks of training.

It's odd in reflection. I never experienced this in my lat marathon. As a matter of fact I flew down the scale pretty easily from January on and hit goal a month before my target date. Hanging out there steadily and then losing down to 154....I quickly bounced back to 158 where my body said 'thank you' and now I hang out at about 162...which I confess...I hate. Not because of the number but because I feel 'heavy' and I feel 'thicker' in my belly. It's simply not comfy for me. 158 at 5'8 is very comfy for me :) Uh...whats a few lbs extra as I get ready to rock another 26.2 STRONG!
The lbs will come off and I have HUGE plans for Post Marathon Prep to get me through the Holidays. I have a challenge of sorts for me and for ever else wants to join me!

5 more sleeps!!!

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