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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do I have to Eat Organic?

Organic Food is very costly! However there is benefits to your health if you can afford to eat Organic foods then I fully encourage you to do so. But MOSTLY what I encourage more is Healthy!! Ok. It's sorta non-sensical to me if you hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup yet you purchase organic. Health is part of a whole package. Wholesome Natural foods coupled with fitness to create a healthy YOU!!
There IS scientific proof not only what pesticides and herbicides affect our soil and ground water but there is so much evidence how those same chemicals negatively affect our body. Most importantly it messes with receptors in our body, our nervous system, our thyroid.
*Important* Yes, I want you to rinse your fresh fruits and veggies and rid the 'exterior' surface of your foods from these chemicals (did you know alot of fruit and veggies are sprayed once in storage for preservation?) but most foods are sprayed with the chemical it grows 'apart' of every cell of the plant! So rinsing is not going to keep you entirely safe!
I could really freak myself out when I research about how the food industry just wrecks the nutritional value of our foods and how the kinds of chemicals they use to preserve 'their bottom dollar' remember they are a it for making money!
Many local farmers use very little or no pesticides. Don't be afraid to ask your local farmer at a farmers market- we have Amish around here and they use very little, so I like to visit their veggie stands in the summer!
Shop Smart: I don't buy all Organic but I know which is the best to try to buy and when I can I do!
*Typically Low in Pesticides*
•sweet corn
•sweet peas
•domestic cantaloupe
•sweet potatos
(did you notice a theme here? Tough skins, skins you can peel off!!)
Recommend Buying Organic:
•imported nectarines/ grapes
•sweet bell peppers (p.s. you don't buy organic at least cut a circle around the core where the pesticides would settle or pool)
•domestic blueberries
•lettuce (maybe if you don't you just pull the first two layers of lettuce and throw them away)
•collard greens.
From my experience there is about a 30% - 50% mark up for Organic. Where there are other times there is only a 20% mark-up and then it automatically becomes a no-brainer for me.
A bag of carrots sell for .99 or a bag of organic carrots will sell for 1.29 (I'm spending the 30 cents!)
Don't be surprised to find Organic at Wholesale Clubs. I've been finding Ketchup/apple Juice and many selections of meats etc at the local Bj's!
For a complete guide to
Ultimately I don't want you to fear food. Just get educated about it. We all can't be perfect or live in a bubble. Gosh knows that I have done so much damage to body...but what about my kids? I can help save them now! That's why this is so important to me! I like to also know that I am hopefully reversing the damage I've done to myself my whole life!

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