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Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Sleeps- Expo Baby!

Went to bed way too late last night.
I'm coming closer to Sunday.
A lot weighs in my heart and mind.
A Journey that I've decided that comes to a Climatic Reach on Sunday.
Never could be a better time and place to leave it all out on the course.
Mile per Mile, I'm shredding every ounce of hurt and pain. I'm giving my whole self to me and what I'm truly capable of. I'm letting go. I'm moving on. I'm setting myself free.
I'm making new choices to keep being a better Woman. A better WIFE a Better MOTHER, a Better Friend, a Better Student. A better ME!
In order to do that I need to let go of the hurt, the resentments, the pain that has somehow found me and swallowed me whole this past 7months.
I have No regrets for the Pain that others have caused me in my life. The tears and Pain were never expected. The soul searching and sorrow led me to where I am right now. Never thought it could of happened. I cry at the thought of how climatic this Sunday is for me.
When I cross that finish line, I expect an explosion of emotion for I expect to feel not just PHYSICALLY SPENT but I want to feel SPIRITUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY FREE!
I explained to RunnerBoy that I'm Sorry for the last several months but in the end I'm happy that we are both so committed after 16 years to keep us together. That we keep us Strong. That we see that we are worth fighting for. That our children matter and our life has meaning and substance. That in life temptation and the devil can burro it's way into a heart and soul if it finds the crack. You must be willing to stay true to yourself, even when you never expect certain things to happen in life, doesn't mean that they don't.
Moving on.
It was my Song for Buffalo, as it simply represented my journey with what held me in obesity. what it stood for letting go of the emotional pains and reasons why I always ate myself to toward death and illness.
This time, I'm letting go of hurt and pain. I'm letting go of old love and embracing a new love with my husband. I'm letting go of everything that I do to myself to hold myself back. The fears, the anxiety's and I'm going to start really thriving in the challenges of life and what I fear most. It will be interesting for you all to watch. I tend to keep my life simple because it's so hectic and my fear and anxiety slow me down. I can only imagine how amazing I'll be when I've let go and allow myself to actually succeed.
Expo Today!
Real Quick Nutrition.
egg whites w/ broccoli
greek yogurt
1/2 pbj
whole wheat tortilla
grilled chicken
plain greek yogurt
dark chocolate
egg & egg white
1/2 slice of 2% cheese
100 cal english muffin
fish sandwich
apple slices
4 chicken nuggets *omg....I LOVE NUGGETS!!*
Grilled chicken
brussel sprouts mixed with broccoli
1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese
1/2 cup couscous
popcorn, dark chocolate
Met with a really great girl, someone I went to high school with and she connected with through facebook and she is running Empire Marathon too! So we got to meet and share stories and talk about race day! So much Fun!
Expo was plain, simple and not that elaborate but it's an inaugural so it was ok considering.
Bought some Bondi-Bands for my hair "26.2" "Run like a Mother" and then a fun pink one.
Here are some Picks!
Oh and before that, my right leg is still acting achy, so freaking weird people. The itb is still a bit tight and my leg keeps trying to heal. I feel the same as yesterday about 80% mode. Very anxious to run though!

For my Girlfriend Jen- Put my MoJo Jen Penny in my back zipper pocket so it will run on my ass -pushing me along! haha! Jen's Boom Penny found her way to NY after Running Chicago. After Running Syracuse it's going to my Friend to Run MCM! Boom! The traveling Boom! This penny is going to run some major Miles!

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