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Friday, October 21, 2011

Recovery Day 5- You know you are injured when:

You know you are injured when:
•Waking up in your fancy black laceys and doing a 'trial' run through your house to see if 'it' hurts, who cares that the tata's are going for a free ride and the kids are looking at you half naked with an odd 'eye'
• when you are on the treadmill in the middle of the gym and you turn your head back and forth in dismay and frustration because you can't run.
• when you secretly curse 'fuck' to yourself as you want to hit up a cardio burn yet the only thing you can do is walk!
• When you begin to turn that negative self whining to go from pitty to uplifting mantras like reminding self that you can cross train, that you ran a MARATHON, remind self that you are NOT training for anything right it's actually "ok" to have an injury 'now' .........reminding yourself now is a great opportunity to work on muscle building and maybe take up swimming like I wanted.
There you have it. Can't run. I was confident the first 2 minutes of the run...then the muscle along the upper shin radiates pain and I feel it in the outer knee cap and into the knee. Again feels like someone has thrown a knife into. There is NO way to run through it. Why? Just rest. I'm not icing. I see no inflammation. I'm sure it's angry....I'll rest. I'm not going to tweak. Although 5 days is the most I've ever gone without running since I took up Running in Jan 2010!
I rejoice in my progress. I focus on the fact I can walk, I have no swelling. I secretly fear stress fracture of the tibia but that's just my anal paranoid side coming out. I want to run for I rest. I also want to rejoice that this happens NOW instead of happening during training. I also want to rejoice in the fact that I'm mentally and spiritually 'free' and I embrace the arms of my lover to comfort and soothe me through this hardship. I thank him for our happy place ♥
I was going to spin....but I'm just feeling a little blah anyways.
So instead I talked with my gym girls ♥ and then hit up 30min of Pilate's, great for range of motion and some leg burn!
This pic is how I feel. The dark clouds surround me but in my heart and soul...the light is shining through. I took this picture a while back and it's one of my faves. Don't you just love when you can catch the glory of a beautiful sky? I do!
Have a Great Day and always Remember even with Hardships there is always a Light!

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