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Saturday, October 22, 2011

1.5 miles & xtrain

Went for a run today. Wasn't going to run. But you know....I have to see how it feels.

First 1/2 mile I was all smiles. I was running fast and so excited....I was not wearing a watch. who knows likely a 8min pace for sure.

I feel good till the 1/2 mile mark which is 2 min more than yesterday and the pain starts.

Definately still off the push off and definately worsens as I continue and I run an extra mile through it for several reasons.
1) trigger inflammation...yes I know weird, but trust me I still don't know the real location of tis pain. When I stop running the pain is gone. When I run the pain is centered around the leg/outer right knee. but the pain radiates up the quad and down the leg. So I'm so confused....does not feel like the that appears secondary to the onset of the pain.
If I can trigger inflammation I might know where I'm sore later. I might be able to gain a response from my body to go to that area and repair itself.
Hey, I aint no doc, sorta makes sense to me, lol.
2) determine the stride that works best. Short and small steps...very painful. Open faster stride=less impact=less pain

I wasn't going to run today. But when RunnerBoy came home I was mopey. Truth be told I'm feeling lethargic. I'm feeling super tired and really drawn. My hormones are totally off whack right now too. My prolactin is off as 3 yrs out of nursing I'm producing breast milk, yikes! Dam Hormones. I need a good run and calorie burn to help my system move the bowels along. I need the run to rid the toxins from my body that have built up from the Marathon.
I need to sweat so on the 1.5 mile run...I did sweat a little and yes it felt great!!!
I was tempted to go the gym as my husband was really trying to get me to go sweat this out. I sat in the car for ten mintues in a dazy haze and then came back inside. I don't want to elliptical. I want to rest my leg some more. I know the elliptical was hurting after yesterdays run so why bother going down.

To rid the funk

Five One Minute Planks
Arm Curl routine x3 sets
15 push ups
30 sit ups
series of ab crunches
pilates moves for 10min for range of motion

Then I foam rolled and felt a maybe more soreness from the right quad that I had realized.

Nutrition was off today too.

2 eggs, 1 slice of wheat toast
8 boom boom bars...yes 8! omg! They were my snack/lunch/snack today!!! My rationality...they are so healthy, lol. I made them this morning and this is what this recipe looked like

2 cups oatmeal
3/4 cup agave
1/4 cup honey
1 tblsp cinnamon
2 tblsp Anutra
2 scoops chocolate whey protein powder
3/4 cup all natural peanut butter

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