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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tired & Hungry

Focusing on least 6hrs....and all in normal sleep times.
I am insomniac...Or I certainly cycle through with bouts of it. Sometimes I'm good and other times I struggle. I think this goal comes in hardship because I've been wanting to stay up till 3-4am each night this past week and I'm forcing myself to bed before Midnight which is EPIC for me.

Then I've cut back on caffeine and well I missed my goal today. I went from 4 down to 2 cups and this afternoon I missed the mark by having a 3rd. But I was in a state of afternoon it was a pick me up. But I behaved and didn't do any coffee the rest of the day.

Then off to the Gym for what supposed to be my first Boxing session only to find out the room was being used for Karate lessons.


So here's what I did instead *too sore for cardio today, my legs/quads are SHOT*

20lbs arm curl routine x3 sets
80lb standing tricep curl-downs
110lb sitting pull downs
55lb ab crunching for 2 solid minutes *my abs were sore!*
90lb lower back
80 obliques x 10 each side

I added a new tricep set to my arm curl routine! Mynga I'm weak and backed down to 10lbs for this set....and that was a struggle! Hope this works under/outer arms!

I felt really hungry today, so I fueled myself.
I'm sure it's been the reduction that has caused me to feel extra hungry.
I went to bed with growling stomach.
I woke up ravenous!

2 eggs
2 slices of wheat toast
tsp of spread
1 waffle
2 cups coffee
2 slices of what bread
1tblsp peanut butter
1 tblsp jam
greek yogurt
apple straws
1/2 banana
Whole Wheat Roll
Grilled chicken
diced tomato
diced avocado
1/4 cheeseburger
1 small whole wheat waffle

Cals: 1900
Can't believe how hungry I was today! I'm glad I'm cutting back one week before the challenge begins because I think in maintenance and training mode I was eating about 2200-2500 cals a day to fuel my heavy runs and work-outs!

I think I'm going to drop weight fast after next week!

I'm down another lb this morning leaving meat -3lbs water weight this week! yes!

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