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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 Sleeps-Last Run till 26.2

Yesterday after my run....after I blogged....I moaned and groaned all day about my pissed off right side. My hip, flexor, glute, quads, knee, calf, achilles all so dam pissed off at me. I rubbed, squeezed, massaged, put my hot corn pad on it, rolled it with my stick and just pampered myself with extra attention.

yesterday food:

1/2 cup egg whites
greek yogurt
wheat germ
grilled chicken on lowfat sour cream on whole wheat bun topped with salsa and avocado
whole wheat pancake w/ syrup
airpopped popcorn, dark chocolate

Run at the lake. using Runtastic. So if you want to stalk me you can. I'll be posting the Runtastic start on my wall the morning of Marathon. You can cheer me on if you like the application, sign in and watch me journey through mile per mile!
I think that could be fun for you all. Maybe this link will work

Today's Run was eventful. I won't go into it fully. Let's just say that I was at the lake, a Dog charged at me as it run from it's elderly owners toward me. I quickly popped out the ear buds and the dog jumped at me and then circled and barked at me and jumped on me a second time. Meanwhile I'm yelling out talking about leash law and how I don't like be charged at and jumped on my stranger dogs etc. I was hyper and scared. They SAID NOTHING...THEY DIDNT CALL HIM BACK, THEY DIDNT SAY SORRY..NOTHING...INSTEAD JUST TOLD ME TO 'GO RUN'. I was so pissed off. I was so frustrated.I ran up the pier at the lake and I was thinking about why they didnt even call the dog back. So as I returned toward the parking lot I saw the old people and I said "Can I ask why you didnt call the dog back" and he said "don't talk to me, just keep running" to which intriqued me to say "where is the humanity, there is a leash law and you are not the only people in the world and that it was bullshit" the old guy says "Maybe you should of stayed home then" OMG>>>>>>can you believe that? he said that to me, lmao. I said "No asshole just keep your dog on the leash" the old lady says "You need to clean up your mouth" and I said "fuck you fuckers" and then this construction worker yells at me as I'm running away, muttering about how I shouldn't be screaming and swearing at old people. So I ran up to him and asked him how he would like to be jumped at my strange dogs and why he wasn't minding his business. He told me I was mental and needed 'help' in a mental hospital all because I was pissed and called the old people assholes. So I said...."fuck you too then fucker" and ran off.

Ok, listen this is not about age. This law. This is respect. This is about my fear and everyones rights to run in an open public place without being jumped at by big black scary labs. I own a dog. I have respect and keep my dog leashed. I would at least apologize, or call my dog back or say something....old or young...these people were assholes! point blank!

I was beyond hyper! Plus what sucked monkey balls was that I 'chose' to NOT bring my mace today. Don asked me as I walked out the door if I wanted it and I said "no" omg...why, Connie, why?! I could of maced the mut and left. lesson learned. Who knows maybe I'd mace the dog and then some sort of other stuff happens cause of it and then it was really all meant to be afterall.

Even after stopped 3x I did 2.88 miles in 28min for a 9:45 pace, not bad for fighting off dogs and arguing with people. ugh.

not my sorta of ideal run before marathon!


My leg feels better, everything feels more loosened and more relaxed. So I am no longer fearful, a bit more grateful and I think by Sunday and with 3 days of complete running rest I am going to be so Ready to hit a Major PR!

Todays Food:
egg white
whole organic egg
100 calorie english muffin
1/2 slice 2% cheese
1tblsp all natural pb
1tsp jam
1 cup of grapes
1/2 cup Connie's quinoa soup
poultry sausage with peppers& onions

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