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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dirty Pig-Taper Begins!

If you read my blog last night you'll notice that I said was sick. Getting sicker. Just a cold but none the less. I cleansed the sinus last night and actually slept ok. I woke up and hacked about hundred green pleghm balls (yes I'm gross and never ever do I mind sharing such useless's life people!) Anyways.
So I was optimistic for 20!!
Although to be honest last night I was looking up when my last period was because as all female runners know it's something we sorta track. Especially when you have plans to run Big races! When might you be bloated, when might you get hormonal or pissy acting! haha! For me I remember tracking it all through summer predicting based on my cycles I'd get my period about a week before Marathon and that I could run my Marathon without worry of cramps and tampons! Blah! God bless woman!
Well I woke up to 'the ugly bitch' this morning. I was like Dam! I knew right then in just a few short hours I'd be whining and moaning about PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!
As part of the old me, I rarely got my period. Oh about 3-4 times a year and I blamed it on the pcos and the pcos blamed it on the weight and the weight blamed it on the pcos, what a blaming cycle! It was one of the first things I got back after losing about my first 50lbs and It's been steady over since! I'm happy about that. Great uterine health shows a healthy body. If you are irregular it's another reason to get normal with your cycles. The cycling of your uterine lining is not just for the ACT of birthing, it keeps your hormones cycling normally in the body! We all want normal! Ok well I do!
With this weight loss I was going from 5-7 day periods and no cramping ever to now just 3-5 days with very intense severe cramping on the first day. As a matter of fact I was training for my first marathon back in spring and had a scheduled 18 miler. I was in so much pain that I barely mustered 15 as I groped each tree that I passed to stretch out the hip/back pain that was leaving me breathless through each mile. I was in the worst pain ever. I ended up home with my mind wanting to finish the last 3 (c'mon it was my first 18 miler, I wanted to hit that shiz!) instead I collapsed all dramatically on my livingroom floor and bawled like a big ole baby cause I couldn't handle the pain!
I would NOT repeat that! NO freaking way! nope, never, ever, ever! as a matter of fact if I ever even had to run boston on a period I'd either be asking the doc for meds to either offset my period or I'd canceling even the biggest run of my life because physically it's just to painful.
I ran 3.6 miles today. I knew I'd run something. I had my new Marathon outfit on !

I felt ok to start. Then the FUN began. Let's just say PAIN, HIP SPLITTING pain! Either I was getting knived in my back or in the vagina with a knife on this run. YUCK! I was totally torturing myself being out there!
Mile 2.5 I found this on the street and I was like "OH HELLZ YES...THIS IS WHAT I FEEL LIKE TODAY.....A PIG! lmao. Sorry! I do! a bloated, fat, can't run, feel like shiz piggy girl! Dam Dirty pig! None the less the torture was done and I could of mustered out some more, but why? what's the point?
I'm done! I'm ready ! I've never felt so strong and ready for anything in my life! never more confident and assured of my body and my heart and mind are steady and stable! I'm going to FUCKING ROCK THIS MARATHON! I have a couple 20's tucked away in training along with mastering hills, speed runs, blasting through time and time again with personal bests on all distances! Missing this 20 is nothing to me right now! I'm READY!

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  1. Haha, that's awesome you picked up and kept the pig. I pick up souvenirs while I run too sometimes. I like looking back on them and remembering pushing through the pain and the accomplishment :)