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Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm going to be Personal Trainer!

Big News:
I was approached today at the Gym to become a Personal Trainer.....OMG! That sounds Awesome! Just to be approached is flattering enough for me! Then to think about how I can get paid to help people, Wow, Sprinkles!!!
Training starts next week, I'll be getting more details tmrw!

Spin Class Today!

I always get nervous when I cross train, nothing excites and moves me like Running. I enjoy Spin but not like Running. Surprise, right? lol

Once I get moving I wait to sweat and it's a good 15minutes before I feel myself start to perspire, it takes that long on the bike...heck it takes at least 10minutes when I'm running too before I start sweating. I used to sweat just starting out when I was obese and the longer I ran and the more miles I put in, the smarter my body became and soon it would take 7 minutes to sweat then 8, 9, 10 and shoot sometimes when I'm comfy on a run I won't feel sweat for at least a half hour. I really feel that cardiovascular in shape!

But once I start I'm eager to get my heart rate up. I really put in the effort to push and soon I'm sweating and panting as I feel some quad burn and I'm loving it!

1 hr later I'm happy!

I try to run but by about 4min in again the pain starts and aches my knee pretty badly. I thought the problem is shin, but now that I've paid close attention, realized that I can walk/xtrain without pain it's certainly an angry tendon/ligament that is connecting my knee to my shin bone. Outer, lower part of the knee *not itb related* actually Itb is great, I'm so stretched and my flexibility right now is on point!

I stop and bust out a crazy 15minute Elliptical burn and I love being the fastest person going crazy fast on the elliptical trying to simulate running! My focus on turn-over and I know that If I can focus on several things right now that will allow me to keep my cardio but get me to be a better run when I get back then I'll will have done the best thing. So turn over, turn over, faster and faster. Arms are not holding onto anything, I'm paying close attention to form on the elliptical to mimic my run. I'm sweating and I'm focused and I'm feeling great!

I get off and bust out 4minuets of 50lb ab crunches and then I have to pick up the over!


1/2 apple
1 organic egg
1/4 cup egg white
triple health English muffin
1 slice 2% cheese
1 scoop whey protein
10oz almond milk

Dinner: I'll update later!


  1. I was just thinking, before I read this, what a great PT you'd make Connie! So I'm really pleased to read this!! Good luck with it; I'm sure others will find you as inspirational as we all do!!!

  2. I was aloof thinking, afore I apprehend this, what a abundant PT you'd accomplish Connie! So I'm absolutely admiring to apprehend this!! Good luck with it; I'm abiding others will acquisition you as adorning as we all do!!! Personal Trainer Network