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Friday, September 2, 2011

What is your Purpose in Life?

A lot of people don't know the answer to this question. They live each day with a confusion as to their existence.

I just know that each person has a unique purpose in life. A soulful purpose meant to be manifested here on Earth.

We are given gifts in life. Each can be our special way to impact yourself profoundly enough to satisfy internal needs but also on a larger scale, touch another persons mind, heart and soul.

Realize your gift and use that to fulfill your life purpose.

Your life purpose is largely how you are meant to affect the world around you. What you can teach or show others. A manifestation of things that just simply come easy to you and make the most sense. From this you will grow as you evolve in your spirituality. Never under estimate the true value of being a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister etc. These are roles in your life that I challenge you to perfect. These roles can be your daily purpose!

I take every encounter in life to embrace the meaning and purpose behind it. Perhaps it was a special person, perhaps it was a life event that opened your eyes to the purpose or a deeper meaning. Big or small it all is meant to be a point for you to learn and grow and understand life a little bit more. Although confusing at times....heck maybe even scary rock you to the core...sorta growing, none the less a direction and a path that was meant to be taken.

I just say learn from it. Grow from it.

Harness your purpose and use it to help other people.

I want you to question what brought you here to "me" to this blog & this page. Do you find it a divine reason you are reading this today? What can I share with you that will open a corner of your mind to explore new ways to Live! Healthier Ways to Eat and view your Food. Pro-active ways to get you prepared to move more and to endure the toughness in the struggle toward your very own Greatness!
Your Purpose is God Driven. He Wants You to Love Your Life and experience Joy & Victory! 

Your Purpose should drive you toward everything Amazing & Fun & Adventurous. Life is all too short to waste it on repeated frustrations, personal let downs, dysfunction and repeated negative behaviors. If it's not working for you I challenge you to get even more uncomfortable and embark on greater self exploration and deep change.

Ultimately if you know your true purpose in life then you should find yourself a very Happy Person.  I urge you greatly to gain more strength and vitality with your purpose with clear vision with an energy to blow even your own expectations by eating really nutritious food and following through with purposeful physical  activity.

My hope is that you take each person/event in your life as an opportunity to love and grow and become stronger in your heart and spirit.

Carry love. I try to, especially in a sometimes dark and selfish cruel world. People like exist!

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