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Friday, September 2, 2011

Tips on how to run Faster!

I know I am getting alot of people that just started running and most are excited to tap into how fast they can get.

I know it's exciting right!

The Challenge! The Amazing Satisfaction of your Efforts after each Run leaves you on the Runners High! Ah, Yes...Enjoy, Be Proud (shoot I cry all the time after a great run!)


Here is are some Great Running tips to get you faster!

**Interval Training-shorter distance, higher intensity training session. Run at about 85-89% of your max HR. Each burst lasting about 1-2 minutes then switching it up to run even faster for 90-95% of Max HR to work the anaerobic system.

**FARTLEK (Snicker) - This is a Swedish word that means 'speed play'. This is Your Golden Ticket to get out there and have Fun! Interplay speed with recovery, go run fast the slow (walk even) then run pace then faster again. Whatever your heart desires a great chance to push yourself and give yourself immediate recovery!

**On your Normal 30min run provide yourself a few times when you will challenge yourself to pick up the pace for 1-2 minutes and then slow back down to your normal pace! This is going to work your cardiovascular system and respiratory system as well as challenge your fast twitch muscles.

**Much like the idea above but more specifically you can challenge yourself through metered speed play. I like to watch my Garmin or watch the treadmill and run specific speed drills based on distance. With all attempts to run at least 1:20 faster than your normal pace (round about) and then back down to normal pace for active recovery.

** No matter what you want me to label it there is tons of great ideas out there for you to speed play, lots of ladder up / down ideas and shoot I've likely covertly done them all as I attempted to push myself.

** one thing I like to suggest is to pay attention to achieving negative splits. The idea that you run your second half of your run faster than your first half and this challenges you as well for speed!

** learn your target heart rate. When you wake up in the morning I want you to measure your resting heart before rising. Now in order to find your maximum heart rate take 220 and subtract your age in years. If you are 30, your Max HR is then 190 I want you to train at no more than 70% of your Max HR unless you are working on speed then like I said aim for at least 85%. Most garmins come with a heart rate monitor! Use it once in a while!

** If you are a beginner and want to get faster on your 5k before thinking of progressing to a 10k, I like to encourage you to start that bridge to 10k program or start aiming at increasing your mileage to run a 10k. In training your muscles to run longer endurance you will benefit from your short runs. These long runs make your ability to run shorter...faster! 10% weekly increase! So start going after 4 miles and then 4.5 and then 5 and so on. Who knows once you get to a 10k I can encourage you to run a Half Marathon ;) or wait...maybe even a MARATHON!

** don't give up, make this commitment

** drink your water, be sure to get a good recovery with electrolytes ( please for the love of all good things natural don't drink high fructose corn syrup recovery drinks!) There are great powdered electrolyte products out there without added 'crap' and will benefit your body and health! Why negate what you are doing for you health...go natural! I use GU Recovery powder found at Fleet Feet. During exercise and often post run is G2 Active Gatorade powder found at the BJ's Wholesale Club for ten bucks. Simply electrolytes and some carbs.

**Once every 2-3 weeks work on some hills. Hill Play will build up the strength in your muscles and this will help you to go faster. Please be careful, don't go wildly crazy on hills as a beginner especially because you will be using muscles you are not used to and can be at risk for injury if you go at them too much!

** Form- I am going to give you this video, I found it helpful to me

** and subscribe to RunnersWorld or Running Times Magazines often they have great tips/ideas and great little training plan ideas and again it's all about speed play/laddering up and down.

Beginners need only do this once a week! 15-3omin

Have a decent base then you can do this up to 2x weekly.


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