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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Personal Best 3 Miler Today!

Yet Again another Hard wake up call for me. I'm just so Dam tired lately. Maybe mixing in Mental knowledge into my day just fries my every last brain cell and my body screams sleep and rest despite all these terrible, terrible dreams I've been having. I hate sleeping for this reason. Sometimes when I sleep 'too' much (that is if you consider 7hrs of sleep too much? likely not, lol) I have vivid and lively dreams and some are actual nightmares, some are just so real I'd rather not be taunted by the feeling of false realities.

Anyways, I mustered through my morning and after some Mojo I was feeling awake.

Took the Princess to school, ran to the bank for an errand and then hit the gym and it looked like this:

20lbs arm curl routine for one full set on each movement

9:15 mile on the tready

20lb arm curl routine for another full set

95lb arm pulldowns x15...this is finally getting easier after just upping it a couple of weeks ago. I'm new at all this not sure to up again or just keep hitting sets. What will make me stronger? Will I bulk up too much? I'm trying to avoid bulk in the shoulders but none the less My shoulders have been looking jack ripped when I lift now. My veins pop in my shoulders. What I am aiming for is arm strength the deletion of fat with the formation of new muscles and I suppose if that's 'big' muscle vs flabby fat then I guess that's what I want, lol. I'm too complicated.

Then I decided after my obliques (with the avoidance of ab crunches for a special reason which I'll share tmrw!) that I wanted/needed to run some more of course! duh!

I went upstairs and I began to run. I was feeling like shiz. No Lie. I just didn't want to run. I just don't know what is going on with my mentality the last couple of days. Maybe it was the 47 mile week last week, maybe it's school, maybe it's all the stuff going on in my busy life but I'm worn the fudge out already.
But I was pissed. Like stupid pissed at myself.
I said to myself and I wont' sugar coat this for you so cover your ears "WHAT THE FUCK CONNIE...GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT IN A 9 MIN MILE WHEN THEN I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU" Then I started my run over!

7:53 pace for 2.5 miles where I then started to pick up the pace and started to hit a 6min range for pace and I held that for 2/10ths a mile and landed my run at a new Personal Best of 23:35 ***KABOOM** I guess I need to get mad at myself more often for pussyfootin' around! I need to add that today my run felt amazing. I felt so strong. my legs are so amazingly strong and healthy. I was able to run without single complaint. This is HUGE for me at this pace. Surely a few months ago I was working hard to hold this pace past mile two which I always crumbled and my breathing and form were always to fault. Todays I tipped my visor low and I kept staring at one spot up ahead the entire time. Focused entirely on form and relaxed breathing. I get too anxious and my mind thinks too much and when I just relax and let myself run then I always achieve ♥ I'm getting so much stronger in my running and I'm excited how easy this personal best felt for me today. So promising for even faster times in my future!

I feel amazing....CAN WE SAY RUNNERS HIGH! BOOM!

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