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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wanna Golf With Me?

I didn't post this but last week (I think it was last week. boy time flies!)I found a golf ball on the street running, lmao. So I brought it home...why not?

TODAY...I found another......OMG!! LIKE SERIOUSLY....GOLF BALLS....what's the dealio Universe? I'm HUGE on thinking things happening in life that hold some sort of meaning, lol (yes I'm a dork!) But really Golf I ran with it. Then I humored my own self on the run and thought "wonder how many people see this ball in my hands when I run and wonder....a big ole fat "what the fudge"? boom, hahaha!

Ok and I found 8 cents. I stopped trying to determine why I'm the lucky one to find so much money this year on my runs, last year I found none, this year I've found a lot ♥

You know when you are Marathon Training when you say "quick 4 miles is done"

Woke up sore, tight and my the right quad angry, my range of motion is not much from the right hip.

I was eager for an arm/ab work-out and what I did today is understatement to my efforts in total the last few months so this is what I mustered out today for the first time in 6days? Can't remember. yikes.

11 push-ups
24 sit ups (upon each sit up my right hip POPS) I likely need an adjustment this happened on my last peak of marathon training! all the mileage takes a jostle at the hips!

4 sets of arm curl routines

Two 1 minute planks (wow my core was SORE)

About 10minutes of home pilates moves to open up the back/hips.

Then I gardened outside for a while ♥ well ok...pulled weeds ;-)

Then I got out all my fall decorations and made my home pretty for Autumn my most Favorite season!!

Just as soon as my Husband came home I washed the dirt out from my under my nails and set out for some miles (yes I gardened in running gear and my running shoes ...boom! haha!)

First two miles I felt ok...nothing special. legs ok, felt a little indifferent an on the verge of a side stitch from the first step till about mile 1 and then it worked itself out.

First two miles I came in about 18:30 and made my turn-around back to home.
Second half I picked up the pace and opened myself up a little bit and then tapered it back the last 1/2 mile before hitting home sorta like a tempo today.

All in all 4 miles in 35:34 for a pace of 8:53 per mile.

I'll take that.

Eats today:
2 waffles (2oo cals)
English muffin (100)
slice of cheese (35)
1 egg (70)
pbj sandwich(250)
tortellini w.sauce (250)
garlic knots (200)
popcorn (150)
coffee (150)
dark chocolate (150)
Total: about 1600 calories today. Right on track for maintaining :)

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