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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biggest Loser Week 2

"It's because I want to live. Because I'm sick of killing myself"

This episode encompasses and touches every viewers inner heart when we truly hear how excess weight impacts the body, the heart, the mind.

It's not about the skinny or getting a chick/mate.

It's about health and life!

It's exactly what triggered my journey. The desire to not be 'thin' but to be 'fit' and my desire to watch my children grow up. I knew for me I wanted to be here to watch my grandchildren come into the world....heck challenge myself to live healthy enough to see if I can get to meet my Great-Grandchildren♥

Sure we can feel the heartfelt desire to make the change when you see it impact the people on the show. Heck I remember watching YEARS of biggest loser and always feeling compelled to make the difference....yet I never did......why?

What makes a person inspire to actually change?

• you have it? What's your motive? Does it move you enough to make a plan?

•Make a determined you want it. So how will you get it? You MUST make the plan. Small changes. Day by Day, moment by moment sometimes. A plan that has corrective action, a plan that allows some flexibility and room for error/improvement. Flexibility to make changes to make it fit to your life. Don't be rigid, allow room for small erros and setbacks. The challenge of changing your life is taking and learning what STOPS you from moving forward.

•Start the plan. Perhaps you start....RIGHT NOW...DON'T WAIT....RIGHT NOW!!!! Hear me! Right now the rest of your day you start taking your life back. I do NOT care what you did earlier today, what you did yeserday, last week or the past year(s)...RIGHT NOW! You start by cleaning out the pantry, throw away all the bad foods, put yourself into success mode. Get a support network (3fatchicks, weightwatchers,caloriecountingrunnergirl facebook page ;-p ) get active, start talking and sharing. Exploring yourself and start making the journey happen! Today you step away from the extra plate of food, today you walk away from the dessert, today you walk a little bit more than you normally do! Small changes will propel you into bigger ones!

Share, educate, join a gym, journal your foods, determine your emtional trigger points to eating (times of day, emotions) start MOVING!

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