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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The NoteBook

So many of my blog posts are inspired by music or someone and sometimes even my achievements. Today's Blog post will be inspired by the NoteBook movie. Watched it last night. Not sure why. Just sorta forgot what the movie was about and it's been several years and felt like Playing Monopoly with RunnerBoy and watch the movie at the same time (p.s. I won each time and got bored and quit playing after an hour, haha!)

Now that is a Romantic Movie. One could only hope to have a love like that, is it only in Movies? LOL. C'mon I'm serious! I've been with runnnerboy for 16 plus years and since I was 16 and the ride....oh my! Nothing crazy or ghetto just the turbulence of growing up together I suppose and enduring life's goods (happy times) Blessings (our children) and the ugly (watching family pass from cancer, hitting financial troubles, etc) that one begins to see that life is way more complicated than a romantic novel. One could only wish for all things in life to be that dam simple. huh! That sometimes you think you know someone so well and yet life changes for you and for them and you are set to endure and re-learn how to live and love one another.

I've seen and heard countless people lose weight and change their lives for themselves for the better but in the meantime they lose their spouse. What I thought for sure was the idea that we did this together that this would never happen. It actually brought us closer together. We talk about running and fitness, there is never a dis-agreement about foods etc. Took a while for him to understand that his emotional eating (his lack of understanding that he did) affected me and my attempts to not eat past 8-9pm at night etc but we worked through those fumbles and we found a closeness. I hope that you all out there that if you have someone you committed to that it's this easy for you both as it was for us. That the partnership binds you closer in life and in love like it has for RunnerBoy and I.

However, there is a difference for me. Now that I'm about to publicly air my emotional and marital side in this calorie counting runner blog but in weight loss there comes this HUGE PART OF YOU that allows you to see the world is YOURS for the taking. That YOU are so Worth every Dam ounce of Happiness out there. That you should NEVER settle for anything that is nothing less. We can talk about love, relationships, work, etc that if you find that you are not at all impressed with second or third best that you want more then dang it....go for it. Start getting it. Start making changes to make yourself happier. That through the external changes in your life with eating well and running/working out that you find that you want the rest of your life to align with the greatness you feel in your head/heart when you are doing it.

That is where I have been with RunnerBoy, that in 16 years of marriage that as much as there is incredible amounts of love/caring/admiration there has been a settled measurement of complancany and taking each other for granted. So for me it's just another thing that makes me want my life to be much more than what it is now. I want the 'notebook' feeling with my husband just the way I felt for so many years, just for the same reasons why I married him. To forgive the growing past and looking forward to a growing and much more attentive future together.

Do you think such things, or am I the ONLY complete fool out there that thinks too much about life and love ?

Anyways, The Notebook before bed=crying myself to sleep in my husbands arms. LOL

So I wake up with puffy eyes and a vengeance in my heart (p.s. He told me today that I always cry on Rest Day! So true, I think I do!)


1 Mile - Warm up 10:20
Arms curl routine
1 Mile- 7:20 pace
Arm Curl Routine
1 Mile- 7:40 pace
Arm curl till burn out
Nautillus weight lift routine (quads/obligues/abs/pulldowns/lower back, hamstrings)
10 min on the stair climber for 62 flights
Another attempt to arm curl- burned out, not much left, lol
3 Mile run -8:30 pace

♥ It wasn't over for me, still isn't over, WOW! Great Scene ♥

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