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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Behavior Modification for Weight Loss

I've talked about this before but it's certainly worth going over and keep adding information so that you can be successful and healthy in your weight management!!

Identifying faulty eating behaviors and eliminate or ignore improper eating cues.

* Keep food journal
*use shopping lists; do not buy problem foods
*eat before shopping
*discard problem foods from your home
*while at home find a good place to eat like kitchen/dining room. Avoid eating on the couch or in your bed
*do not talk on the phone when you eat, or play on the computer.
*avoid fast foods

Reducing your Calories:

*smaller meals on smaller plates
*prepare smaller amounts of food upon preparation (not 2nds to go back to)
*avoid buffets
*eat low fat/high fiber
*keep fresh fruit/veggies on hand to eat when hungry
*put your salad dressings on the side and not pour over the salad
*read your nutrition labels
*learn to leave food on your plate (talked about taking back control!!)

Staying focused:
* set reasonable and attainable goals
* put a picture of yourself on the fridge
* take measurements of your body to track loss
* leave your exercise equipment out so they can remind you to use them!
* Purchase 'goal' clothing!! c'mon we all love shopping! I always have a goal outfit!
* Ask for support

Get in your fitness, find ways to park further away from the entry of a store, take the stairs instead of the elevator

Do NOT reward yourself with foods. Shopping spree's, pedicures, massages, clothing or even time alone can be reward enough as you reach your goals!

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