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Thursday, September 15, 2011

10.25 Hard Miles

What a harsh run. I had slight stress headache. I was hungry and only fueled by a banana, this was late evening run, one of the biggest mid week runs during this training and simply because I was hoping to add miles to my run and implement 2 rest days into my schedule. Both for recovery and for the school schedule. So Rest day tmrw.

It was a very cold for this season run. Rain some and lots of wind at the lake and my pace reflects the elements, my hunger, my headache and my stale legs as the calvese began to tighten and fail me about mile 9.

About mile 9.5 I was almost hit by a van and it was dark but I wore my blinker and I scratched my face and realized last second just how close this guy was and I jumped to the side of the ride turned around and did the most wrong thing a runner could do but the most right thing by this vulgar bitch and I gave him a finger in the dark, lmao and screamed out 'FUCKER' BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey you can dress me up and take me out but if you try to run my ass over then we's got a problem! The only good news was that if say I was hit....about 30 seconds later an abulance drove by, lmao. not funny, I shouldnt make light of it, it's dangerous running at night, the perps, pervs, pedophiles, rapists, killers, thugs....I just say mess with me and I'll Ninja on yo' ass cause you my creeper stalker fucker will be my victim and I'll die fighting to take yo' ass out. I seriously feel bad for any one that tries to mess me with me! Not just becuase I care a knife and mace but because I'm totally not afraid to become the attacker cause I will refuse to be any victim! ;-) Speaking of such I'm been toying with the idea of taking some martial arts classes to aid in my ability to kick some ass! haha! Stay tuned, I just might be doing this soon! after marathon training!

So I posted earlier how I was feeling 'yucky' with my looks and went shopping. So I weighed in and I was 156 this morning, so a bouncy stable still and tonight after my run I was 153 so I lost some decent water on the run.

Today's Food:

1/2 cup of egg whites
slice of whole wheat bread
coffee/sugar/fat free half in half

slice of whole wheat bread
1tblsp of all natural pb
1tsp of jam

1 apple

2 squares of my apple cake (see recipe from today!)

1 banana

20 oz electrolyte drink

*now I'm going to go eat dinner* not sure yet. Thinking Veggie Burger on whole wheat and maybe some cottage cheese and broccoli

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