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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keep the Faith 20 Miler

No Magic somersaults to give you. No magic fireworks, no pretty bubbles, nothing crazy or extra super special.

Just like my husband on his 20 miler yesterday I too woke up procrastinating my run (different reasons of course) Mine was just not feeling up to running 20 miles today.

I was tired, my right leg sore and tight. My ITB is tight and causing me some knee ache. My hip flexor tight on the right.

2 cups of mojo and a super stretch with help from my husband ;-) I was feeling loosened up and ready to hit the road.

9 mile loop. Nothing crazy happened. I was tired, flat. The brain not wound up or too excited. Just simply running to get this shiz done!

Odd parts of first part of run is random shed clothing on my route, lmao. Mile 2 I found underwear and shorts from a midnight streaking. Mile 5 I found some flipflops.

Entire Run I found lots of washers and bolts on this run. So dam funny. What is up with this? c'mon please tell me?! Is it because there are people pushing wagons that are falling apart on the state routes? lmao. No! so weird!

Anyways. Got home at mile 9 and chugged 20 oz of electrolyte and one gu - triberry this time. can't believe I was so afraid to use GU the last training schedule, as they NEVER hurt my belly I just took everyone else experience and took that fear and never tried them. To me they are easy and yum and settle just fine. Hate to say it but hit up the potty and then threw on the belt and bitched about going back out for 11 more miles. I wanted to shower and enjoy my day with my kids. The fall weather has me stoked for fall fun. I was even contemplating and bargaining with myself to stay home and do college algebra instead.....OMG....REALLY CONNIE? YES! WOW, THAT'S BAD, REALLY REALLY BAD!

Why? I am just tired that's all. I'm feeling worn out and the peak miles and the school and the family stuff and the photography stuff I'm just worn and the baking/cooking/cleaning and shopping. blah...blah...blah...blah...right get a grip...we all got a life right! No Excuses.

Ok so that's why I ran 20 miles today. No excuses. No matter what. No matter the pace, no matter how I felt. No matter how much I tried to convince myself to end the run early. I always asked myself one question when I thought about quitting my run "are you hurt" and the answer was always "No" was I tired "yes" did I pull over once and dry heave "yes" did my legs cramp "yes" did my knee ache "yes" did I run 10 miles with the verge of side stitch if I ran faster than a 9min pace "yes" did my calves seize up on me "yes" but I was out there and I was running....I was not dead. I was not dying. So I kept it going.

There is some REAL SICK SIDE inside my head that loves this SICK TWISTED NEED TO TORTURE myself. That in hardship and challenges we make ourselves stronger. Although when I was trying to be optimistic my pessimistic side won and told me to shut the fudge up and just run. Don't cherry coat shit feel like shit...but just keep going. So I did.

However Mile the deepest of desires and ho humming about my shiz nizzle run and feelings I started to feel better. Just after a few minutes of feeling like I had wind in my sails I found a penny and then two and then three! ♥ Then I saw a sign *literally* in the road and it said "we make a difference" sure it was sign slogan for a company but none the less it was there for me at the perfect time to read. We all make a difference. This sign made a difference. No matter 1 mile in or 15 miles in we don't lose hope. We keep the faith that it can be better (are we still talking about running?)

Got closer to the lake about mile 17 and I smiled...I was finishing my run at the lake today and my husband and kids would pick me up! I love them so much. It was so great to see them. So great to have this run DONE!

9 minutes SLOWER than my last 20 mile training run but none the less it's done!

Yes I wrote on my helped me....alot!

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  1. Damn! 20 miles done - who cares how long or how much longer? Go Connie!!