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Monday, September 12, 2011

Chasing Cars

Pulling myself out of bed the last two days has been so tough for me! No insomnia for me this week! Wow, in bed early and wanting to sleep in….I’ll take that for my normal sleep deprived self, lol. Ok I’m not all at all as bad as I used to be. Maybe as my College Semester settles in more I’ll be up later and surely with not as many distractions in my late evening I’ll be able to get stuff done and off to bed at a decent time. I’ve really cut my face book time down considerably. Only on about ten minutes a day the last two weeks. Life is just this busy right now.

Anyways, I didn’t eat this morning. Please don’t follow me in that regard, lol. I barely do it and if I do it’s simply because I likely ate late the evening before and there is no desire/room to eat in the morning. Twas’ the case this morning. I ate an odd bowl of whole wheat shredded wheat because my dinner was super light and so I opted for some whole grains considering my 13 miler and to restore the glycogen.

Gym Routine looked like this today.

1 Mile Run - Warm up 10:15 mile.


20lb arm curl routine

1 Mile Run- 8:45 pace

20lb arm curl routine

1 Mile Run- 7:40 pace

Attempts to do 20lbs arm curl set and backed it to 15 to get in a full set-!

Nautilus routine looked like this:
180lb leg press x10
90lb leg press using just the calve muscles x20 (great stretch!)
50lb both legs together for quad leg curls x20
35lb individual leg curls (I lost some strength in my legs the last two months, concentrating on running and backing off the quad muscle it’s a bouncing struggle to crank up this little weight, funny how that works!)
95lb Arm Pull down x10
55lb Ab crunches x 1minute
40lb ab crunches x 2 minute
85lb obliques each side x10
90lb adductor muscle x10
180lb abductor muscle x10 ( I can actually do the whole stack ;-0 )

Then I went upstairs to the cardio room and ran again

3 miles in 27:35 ….nice and easy a bit of a negative split to add some sprinkles to the top of that run! Boom! My Right foot was a little wonky (ironically not the left that was bothering me the other day, lol) Wow, my body is constantly aching! Such is Marathon Training! So today it’s my right foot as if I’m laced too tight or my stride is off and my the top of foot feels like I dropped a sledgehammer on it. Ouchie, but I stretched it and just got the shiz done. I was thinking of double running today but I will likely opt out just because the foot hurt today.

This was another almost 2 hr work-out.

I was tired at the end and really forced out the last two miles as I just wanted to gather up the kids and head home. I had so much to do and well I sit here now blogging having cleaned the entire house and have an appt in a little while.
(you all hear me talk about cleaning…I just want to say I’m a freak about my castle….dishes are done, floors cleaned, beds are made, laundry caught up, everything is wiped down and cleaned, toys are picked up….at least 1-2 hr clean for me each day….we’ll just say my RunnerBoy and kids are sometimes SLOBS or maybe I’m just hopefully freakish about loving a clean home, but this is my job so I don’t complain I just do it! )

So today’s work-out is dedicated to chasing cars. I always listen to the radio in my home, it’s always on all day long (cause music in life is who I am, we just go together) well I decided the other day to change the station, I have been listening to country music and been in a popular radio station and just song after song after song just reminds me of shit and I just get tired listening to the constant repeats. Surely there is more country music then lady antebellum! Gah! I love them but enough already! Choke me!

So the new channel, so old school….lots and lots of variety and genres and right now Michael Jacksons ‘beat it’ is playing, lmao.

So Chasing Cars, been a couple of months since I’ve heard that song and I just got lost in my 3 loads of daily dishes and chased cars for a while. Even if I couldn’t do it on the road I chased cars in my kitchen.

I am going to start sharing more what I eat….I keep getting everyone asking what I eat. It’s no secret for me. So I will start sharing more. I do not always calories count unless I’m specifically looking to be ‘tight’ on my calories in order to lose weight, right now to maintain for me is pretty easy.

Green Monster Shake

2 cups of fresh spinach
1 tblsp of flaxseed meal
1 tblsp of whole wheat germ
8 oz of non-fat lactose free milk
2 tblsp of PB2 (if you want more information on PB2 google or ask me!)
½ of small banana

This entire cup of nutritional goodness…great recovery, great gut filler and hrs later I can’t even think of eating yet! About 300 calories and loaded with omega’s, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, E, C, Folic Acid and protein!

Organic Beef Burger on Whole Wheat Bun,1/2 slice of cheese, fresh tomato slice
1 cup brussel sprouts dipped in olive oil Italian dressing and tossed with Parmesan cheese

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