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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/2011 Never Forgotten 13.1

First I dedicate this Run on 9/11/11 to 9/11/2001 Victims and Families, to our Troops ♥
Never Forgotten and Today on my Run the memories and prayers were given on my behalf to the Great Man above and this is one thing I found on my Run to signify just what I was doing out there today! *Still Can't believe I found this on my Run today! Of All Days!

I spent Saturday as an unscheduled rest day considering my unexpected double run day on Friday.

I had such a busy day that forgoing the unsure 5k/half marathon race I could of ran was definitely ok by me. Financially saving 30 dollars on the cost of the race makes sense to me since this month there is so many other fun things to save my extra curricular money on. I have a planned 5k race on October 2nd and it’s here where I planned to bust my old Personal best on the 5k. Sure it would have been for a good cause and surely a good time, I think I’m just so focused on training that running ‘races’ is not on the agenda at the moment. would have been nice to maybe go back to where I ran my half marathon last year but surely this past ½ marathon race was victory enough for me, even if it wasn’t a sub 2 hr like I wanted….oh well…what’s 1:50 seconds? Nothing! Lol. I’m a strong runner and I see progress and I’m happy!

I had a huge clean fest of my castle, took my kids to a great birthday party and then came home in the evening for 2 photo shoots. After that, late dinner, photo editing I was ready to crash by 10:30 pm and that I did.

Set the alarm for 5am and I slept right through it.

I woke up at 6am and mustered my way to the all ready made coffee pot and busted out a quick cup of mojo and slammed my oatmeal.

Crawled back into bed with Runnerboy and mustered my dismay about not feeling up to a run instead cuddling in bed, he agreed, lol. SuckFace.

Well I got up after a few minutes of procrastination and slammed another cup of mojo and took the dog out and took a deep breathe of the morning chill air.

Mustered enough to get my ass out the door.

My first mile was ridiculous. I was tight, tired and wondered how far I’d make it today.

Mile 1 was a 10:15 pace. All locked up. I stopped and stretched and started off again and then I found my first penny :-p

The subsequent miles were fabulous. My body woke up, my legs remembered.

This course today and this run was never going to be about pace for me, but instead hitting each hill strong. Paying close attention to form, breathing and my shuffle up the hill. A lot of my hills on timed runs I’ve been getting side stitches. I knew on Marathon Day with half the course being rolling hills that I wanted my legs to be trained my abs/diaphragm/breathing to be in proper co-ordination with the course. I slowed down is all, if I slow down and take the hill and shorten my stride; it works for me. No pain, no side stitches…perfect. The downhill opening the stride takes a toll on the legs, the pounding not so kind on the Hips and the female uterus that was already stricken with the monthly visitor (that BITCH!) lol. Another reason to not race/run yesterday! Anyways, my RunnerGirls know what I’m talking about! Such Things that RunnerBoys don’t have to worry about, that just makes us RunnerGirls that much more KickASS! BOOM!
A couple of times I had some left foot pain, like mid foot, meta-tarsal aches and I just paid attention to how I was landing and I was fine, when I would glance at the watch during these times I noticed I was running 8min or sub mile pace and I think my form was off was all, needed to go heal/toe strike and I was landing midfoot like I do in my 9min pace so that made the difference. Anyways, just something I noticed.

I forgot to turn my watch off a few times to collect coins, once I stretched for 2min at my turn-around and didn’t turn the watch off. Again I was not worried about pace. But all in all when I got home and shut the Garmin off I came in just under 2:02 for a 9:18 pace, WOW, crazy! I knew I felt good I just didn’t know I felt that good with ALL THOSE HILLS.

So what you see in hills times all those times 2 and lots of little ones not worthy of a camera shot. So GREAT Training Run Today!

5 more weeks till Marathon!

As Always Thanks for Reading, hoping today you see even dedicated people like sometimes don’t want to run and force myself out the door and yet to have single regret when I do it ♥

Happy Running!

Oh and Found $.15 cent today , BOOM!
I should add up my collection. Only 2 coins are missing. One for me and the other was given to a Running Friend for Luck

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