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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm killin it like a blind man readin'

I'm killin it like a blind man readin,I'm feelin it like (BOOM!)

I have not run in 3 days. I ran my fast 5k and then ran a crappy feeling 20.

I spend the first day fully knowing I'd rest. I baked, I chilled.

The second day I decided with a grumpy right leg and an aching right knee that the ITB was tight and causing me some trouble that it was best to rest.

then yesterday I shudder at myself when I confess I had NO time to run. HOW can I say such filth? Wash my mouth out with Soap.....PLEASE! I'M A DIRTY GIRL. ;-p

That's ok too the knee had random aches and out of no place on Tuesday my back started to experience a n odd nerve pain on my spine in my lower back.....(ok , ok....I know how I got the back pain....yikes...but I WILL NEVER CONFESS....HOW .....BOOM!)

Today I NEEDed to run so badly! I spend my morning shopping and eager and excited to run!

We were able to find my husband's running shoes at the sporting goods store (Fleet feet no longer sells them...wasted trip over as they were on the last of the inventory and had none left his I did some investigating and found them for him!!!)

I took this opportunity to skip out on a scheduled/planned 6 miler and take what I could get on part of my Marathon course!

The Sporting good store is in Clay and we have to drive through b-ville to get there. So I opted for RunnerBoy to drop me off and I would run some hills, the ones that I was 'tad nervous' about running in the middle of my marathon.

To get it out of the way...I was SO HAPPY to be out there on the course even for just 2.5-3 miles of it and get at taste of what I'll be running in just.... 25 days!! OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!!
They were not bad at all....long and gradual and nothing crazy steep so take my time and I'll be good!

The most interesting of my run besides finding 6 Cents ;-) was ......(stop Reading here if you can't handle my trashy mouth!!! I've gone and done warned you now!)................................................

Douche Bag Number 1 at mile .70 greeted me with a middle finger out the passenger window of his car! What an asshole...he gave the worlds ugliest face as he hung his head out his trashy car window like a dam ugly dog on a tight leash and gave me the finger....OMG....I LAUGHED....yes I laughed....fucker! Ugly Ass Douche Boy think he can get one over on me?! Oh helz NO....I've not run in 3 days fucker...I'm as happy as a pig rolling in mud right now! feeling OH SO DANG GOOD! I WAS KILLIN MY RUN LIKE A BLIND MAN READIN'.....booom! love me some nelly boom boom!

Ok, so I weathered doucher number one with a laugh but doucher number too I was on my runners high and so seriously want fucker head to pull back around so I could karate chop his head ...or dick off as I was feeling like on the moon adrenaline pumping good at about mile 3 when douche bag #2 decides to STOMP his pc of shit mater truck and release this HUGE cloud of black smoke as he passed me back...I could see him turn his seat to catch the thrill of trying to suffocate my healthy running lungs with his fatally ozone killing omissions failing pc of shitter truck exhaust. You know I'm become really good at not skipping a beat in my run and simply sticking my finger up at him so he could read my 'fuck you fucker' in reverse!

So besides jealous bitch from last year when she threw a lit cigarette at me and now these two douche bags then I learn life is full of HATERS!!

hate me cause I'm awesome! My Husband says it's cause I'm hott and they can't have me, bwahaha! whatever...I think it's just because they are NASTY in the head and heart and karma my stranger douche bags is GREAT!!

OK RANT OVER AND WITH ALL MY HEART....THANKS FOR IGNORING MY TRASHY MOUTH AS I VENTED....if you love me and support me you know that when I'm hyper or supa' excited I swear like white trash ....yikes! Back to being a behaved RunnerGirl Now :)

I believe in my Running Core that every time I do a really long run that I get a little bit faster. Today I was running an 8:30 pace like super comfortable! Maybe it was because I conquered the hills and felt good on flat ....but just in general I feel the longer I run the faster I always get! Another reason why I'm obsessed with distance running ♥

4 miles today in 36min flat :) not bad for some hills.
felt some niggles in my right hip flexor and some crinching nerve pain in my back (like WTF!! GO AWAY WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU ARE...I AINT GOT TIME FOR YOU!) yesterday I bought my Last of GU ...what I'll need for my last 20 miler and my Marathon! Then I bought this fuel belt add on....super duper excited it's water resistant and big enough to hold my running camera or a cell phone or my gu know whatever I want on my long runs! Gosh I love Running Gear...makes me wish I had TONS of money to buy LOTS AND LOTS OF IT!

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