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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post 20 Mile Recovery

Well Today has felt great with my Back To School Routine.
My Daughter started First Grade today and I was up early with RunnerBoy as he had Range today for work and we had breakfast and started the morning ROUTINE!

I’m a total schedule, routine person. I strive and flourish with doing things that work for me.
This includes waking up, getting the kids ready and off to school, heading to the gym where I spend about 1-2hrs working out. This right now in my life is my Part of my Day Job. This amazing opportunity to be a stay at home mom and a gym with free childcare makes it possible. This comes with sacrifice and tight family home budget and forgiving specific daytrips and vacations I’d love to go on more often. But worth the sacrifice for our family.

You may or may not have this luxury and if you do, take full advantage with NO excuses and nothing stopping you from doing it! I do have empathy for the running momma that works! Huge prompts because if you want to run or hit the gym it either has to be done in wee hours of the morning or later at night when you are already EXHAUSTED from a 10-14 hr day! For me, I’ll be hitting the gym in the morning if I work 9-5 (oh dear god, that sounds frightening…lol. I ideally want a 7-3 job although I’m sure they don’t exist too often in human services field)

Anyways. Home Videos (Jillian Micheals, Zumaba, pilates, yoga, step) endless home videos and I’m not running and want a good cross train I’ll pop one of those in! I have an exercise ball and recommend them! Weights at home and some imagination and the possibilities are there to get the fitness done! Run your stairs, jump rope, put on your running shoes and mad dash your house trying to get it done as fast as you can (Oh Boy I do this one all the time anyways) throw in the ear buds and then I listen to my BOOM and won’t hear a single kid scream, SCORE, LOL> :-p Play the Wii, get out in the yard and play with dog/children. Anything to get and keep you moving 20-30min a day! It’s amazing how many loving runner buddies that work, have kids and home business’ etc and STILL manage to squeeze in a 20-40 min run each day. If you want it then you’ll do it. You’ll find your way.

I know for me, I rarely watch TV. That helps. Lmao. If you are a couch potato. STOP THE INSANITY! Life is way more than a great TV program. Watch the world from your Couch or take the bull from the horns and get out there and start living in it. Ok, I do have TV, High Definition, Big LCD and DVR!! I will watch about 2-4 hrs of TV a week with a few digitally recorded programming. My Old Life I’d watch TV often and I’d ALWAYS sit there and ‘THINK’ about getting up off my ass and doing something. Then I’d get bummed cause I didn’t and then I’d walk from the couch to the fridge/pantry… see…..watching TV=eating for so many people. How about you? Do you eat a lot when you watch TV? Do you find yourself craving foods because of a commercial enticing you? Do you watch something and it triggers an emotion that sparks you to eat? I loved watching TV, I loved eating big macs, I loved smoking cigarettes Just because you like it or love it, does NOT make it healthy or good for you/us!

Apart of living healthy is always about replacing habits. If I watched TV all the time before at home what do I do now? Um…spend time with my kids J Bake something healthy J Blog J Facebook and connect with other people living and loving life like me J Work on my hobby’s like photography J Connect with people in the real world J go for a hike, watch a sunset, go kayaking, go for a bike ride, fly a kite, blow some bubbles, play fetch with the dog…..OMG…see there is so much to my life that I do now ALL the time instead of once in a while. This makes me happy. Do what makes you happy and healthy! Jump up off the couch, limit your time there and enjoy something different and much more worthy!

Ok, Stepping off my soapbox now!

20 min Elliptical for Cardio
5 minute RUN! Felt Great to work some lactic out after yesterdays 20miler!
20min various arm weight exercises
80lbs obligues x15
95lb pulldowns x10 (zoom, upped it today and struggled nicely!)
85lbs hip flexor x10
145lbs hip flexor x10
65lbs ab crunches for 2min
50lbs ab crunches for 2min
5min run
10min arm curls routine

I loved being back at the gym in a routine again. Sure I’ve gone to the gym over the summer but I’ve not hit up the showers and felt that normalcy since June. Lot has changed for me, mentally/physically/emotionally since my Marathon and Summer has certainly challenged me in many respects (non of which has to do with Fitness or losing weight, ironically enough!) but none the less the ‘normal’ in my life feels so Amazing to me.

Locker 105 Greeted me well as I showered up and came home and mad dashed the kitchen clean and made some on the Fly Pumpkin Cookies for Whitney’s first day of First Grade
I don’t have pictures but this is what I made

2 cups of oats
¼ cup honey
3tblsp flaxseed seed meal
3tblsp of chia flour
3tblsp of wheat germ
¼ cup agave
½ cup of whole wheat flour
1.5 cup pumpkin
1tblsp of pumpkin spice
1tsp of cinnamon
Dark chocolate chip morsels
3tblsp egg whites
1tsp baking powder

Mix the dry, add the wet and bake at 350. They were tasty and Whitney raved about them ♥

Made More BoomBoom Bars for RunnerBoy because he (ok We) ate the last bunch ;-p
Today he ran 18 of 20 miles so this was the least I could do for him , well that and clean his castle, take care of his kids, make all 3 meals and aid in his recovery. Anything Else Master Runnerboy? Jeesh! I don’t do any of it for praise, I do it cause it’s in my heart and it’s who I am.

RunnerBoy ran an 8:20 pace for 15 miles and then his calves locked up on him and he managed 3 more at slower pace dropping his overall pace to an 8:47 pace for 18 miles and walked home for two. I wished he would of called me as he had change to use a payphone, he thought he could walk it off and was so devastated this his legs locked up. He actually ‘in his head thought’ whats the point of ever running again, lmao. Seriously? I was laughing RunnerGirl as I told him he was CRAZY to think such things. He said he knew that cause just as soon as he thought it he remembered a picture of a little boy with no legs and how quickly he became grateful to be able to run at all ♥ Exactly! So he mentally washes this bad run away and trys again in 2 weeks with a taper of 12/13 this week! That’s what we do when we have a bad run…we get grumpy, act pissed and then get the heck over it!

I really ought to end this now, I’m at the college as this is the ONLY time to myself tonight and I’m actually suppose to be doing homework!

Run Strong, Eat Healthy!

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