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Monday, September 26, 2011


Today should of been a rest day. I woke up and felt emotionally strong and full of life but somehow out of nowhere my spirits were drawn. I feel bloated and and yucky today, likely because as much as I'm lactose intolerant I try to ignore it and absolutely LOVE my chobani greek yogurt and I have been enjoying a half gallon of fat free lactose free milk. But I'm not sold. I'm totally convinced there is trickery involved and I'm bloated to high heaven and I knew it and I should of NOT have weighed myself it's been several days *which is AMAZING for me!!* but it weighed a number I will not disclose. I hate my body sometimes for the pure factor that it retains food/water and my system shuts down and backs up so quickly when I don't eat exactly the right things. What is exactly right for me? NO dairy...and If I do greek yogurt it's likely better if I go every other day. That's a problem because good protein that I love comes from dairy and I'm a protein freak and love it simply because of my pcos and because it's so vital for muscle repair. My body hates over carbing it and instantly tucks the extra sugars away....aka...insulin resistance=pcos and this is just my hurdles in weightloss making it that much harder to balance my life and my body but I know how to do it....I suppose I'm just in denial sometimes especially since such healthy foods are part of the dairy family.
Anyways.....I did schoolwork and I cleaned my house and I spent time with my peeps with hopscotch and coloring ♥

Husband came home and he says "I'm not going to go running and leave you sad" and so I said..."can I go running with you then" he was excited....even though he knew I needed rest day.

What's funny is that for the first time in about week I woke up with NO leg pain. No Hip flexor pain or anything!!! so I knew my body was tired and needed rest but I still felt like running....especially in a weight 'funk' as I was in.

7 miles today. Ooops! 3.5miles to the lake and we stopped to the let kids play on the playground. I did a series of stretches and pushups off the playground playset!!
Only turning on the I pointed out the crazy girls wearing bikinis at the lake ...walking around in mid 70's weather. I pointed out the one girl, she had a Nice hiney. I wished my hiney looked like that. RunnerBoy says "no way...look at all that have a runner butt and it's tight" bwahahahaha. Dork Face.

3.5miles jot home and the hills on this route sucked the life out of me.
Found a penny and then I was sad when it jumped out of the stroller and rolled into the grass no-place to be found. Bummer!
Found a Visa Gift card on the road and picked that up. Fantasized for the next mile that it would be CRAZY cool if they were funds on it! Caught up with Don (who runs as if he was NOT pushing 100lbs of weight)crazy!!! Strong!!! Boom!!
We checked the money!! bummer!!
Went into the grocery store the whole family...don and I smelling like Skank!
Bought Dinner and ran the last 1/4 mile bitch hill on the last stretch home.

Dam I'm feeling like TOAST PEOPLE! I'm tired and need running rest!

Ok Foods Today:

1/2 cup egg whites
1 slice country rye


2tblsp all natural pb
1tblsp of natural jam
2 slices of whole wheat bread

dark chocolate covered almonds (does NOT help the weight funk....ugh..epic fail at that choice!!)

2 kiwis
1 slice of rye
1/4 lb organic 93/7 beef
1/2 slice swiss cheese
1/4 cup of portabello mushrooms
spinach leaves

Tonight I'm enjoying a wine cooler :)

The rest of the week is going to concentrate on emptying the guts and being kinder to the belly...avoid the dairy, up the fiber and eat super duper clean to get ready for Race Day - Sunday!!

Here is my AllyCat she fell asleep on my run and as you can see the fall foliage is really starting to peak here in Central New York ♥ Hence my choice to run 7 miles today...this was not about training, this was about my head & heart needing to be out there today!

7 miles in Just under 1:12 for a 10:15 pace....again just like yesterday, not bad for pushing all that weight!

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