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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Under the Moon Light

A few weeks back I did my first ever night run.

Tonight I decided to let go of some pent up frustrations over an event that had just happened that the best medicine for me would be to Run.

RunnerBoy looked at me and laughed as I got together my Running Gear. He knew this was exactly would I would to get back to the homeostasis of my planned evening. I’ve been really good this week with handling the extra stress of back to school for all of us and back to a tighter routine. However, some tenant drama sent me into a tail spin tonight and really I lost my appetite for my already late evening dinner and I had plans to have a drink to unwind on a Friday Night, but that too had to wait because I don’t eat/drink under stress. The new me finds healthier ways to deal with stress.

My Run took place in a cool 58’ degree clear city sky. The stars shined and the Almost Full moon was BRIGHT and the were still a touch of summer fun left in the air with the subtle hint of Fall that quickly approaches ♥

Ran down into the center of city, climbed a steep hill and ran flat again till I reached Hooopes Park. I sat down and put a mushy song and just soaked up the few minutes to myself. To Pray, to give thanks to all that is good in my life. Taking deep breaths to let go of the sudden bullshit of my evening. I felt good, strong and got up and ran that shiz back home.

My 3 miles I came in 25min and some change and then I took it down a notch for the last half mile on the last climb home and settled with an 8:35 pace for 3.5 miles.

I walked a little bit and started dancing to Buble as I strutted my stuff down the dark city streets like a Dancing Ninja in the Night. RunnerBoy was out on the Porch swinging and his smile and giggles over my delighted prance toward to our homestead was pretty great. He saw how much the run changed my mood for the better!

It does. I told him ‘Thank God for Running, I love it so much’

Pretty sick huh! I like being sick.

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