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Saturday, September 17, 2011

OctoberFest 5k Personal Best

5k Race DAY!!!!

Woke up to my husband ranting about his 20 miler. He was bummed he had to cut the last 20 miler down to 18 and wobble his last two miles home in pain because both of his calves seized up on him and he was in extra-ordinary pain. So he hummed and hawed and yes I'm annoyed because I'd like to at least TRY to be optimistic *although at times; ie:tonight, that the sounds of running for 3hrs just makes me say "no, please" simply because I'm so TIRED!!!) Anyways, awakening to his self hype and bit of downplay on his upcoming adventure I'd surely giving him a BOOM talk to stop such bullshiz nizzle nonsense talk. He hates that. I am a endurance runner, I like running long distance. He does not. He HATES when I point that out to him or to others.....oh give me a break! bwahahaha! who cares! you don't like running for 3 hrs then don't train for a Marathon! doy! But know this...he is ROCKSTAR material. He has the goods to get the job in superior fashion. He just simply needs his head in the game and needs to embrace the miles. I do. So Finally he left!! OMG!! finally!

I ventured out a couple of hours later to catch up to him. I like to drive him to him just he does with me and snap some good running pictures. My runography at it's finest and soon there will be some more inspiring quote pics to come! *check out my facebook page to see them!!/pages/CalorieCountingRunnerGirl/138863732867402

Well he finished his run in most excellent pace!! All 20 miles in 2:48 and some change for a 8:24 pace and he felt GREAT! So Proud of him. He inspires me! I see his progression and we both see how I follow in his lead. Last Year he trained his First Full at the pace I'm training this one at. He came in at 4:22 last year after hitting an abdominal gut wall at mile 22 forcing him to walk/run the last 4 miles killing his 3:50-355 come in time. He is stronger this time. so much stronger!
Super Proud of my Husband ♥

So we wait around and rest him up and let him recover.

Then I arrive at my 5k Race. My son not feeling you can see by the look on his face :( So I gave him lots of Mommy Love ♥♥

Cool 50 Degrees the Sun was JUSt starting to come out!!

This course they stated was 'challenging' and I had NO idea what was in store. Truth be told before I start the course was not bad, although it wound up running through lots of village streets which included about 11 corners to turn and 4 hills to climb, lmao. Doh' ....believe me....want a smashing chance to PR pick a race that is ideally flat and is a straight shot out and back! Fudge all this turn corner crap dude you must slow down and then you must force yourself to pick up pace, you must climb hills and you can't necessarily 'fly' down them (but I do anyways and my sexy running cape is just Marvelous ;-p )

So slight incline on the way out and you don't notice because you are so amped to run and people are just FLYING past me and I'm like feeling turtle slow and I think oh shiz nits I'm going to slow *despite a glorious 1/2 mile warm up where I was crushing sprints in a 6min range to open myself up* but I looked down and I was running a 7min mile and I felt good but I knew I had to back that off in order to protect myself from side stitches or trouble with my breathing.

First Mile range in at 7:47 pace

Mile 2- This is where we hit hills...all 4 in this dam mile and this is where I get my side stitch and I'm talking BAD SIDE STITCH but I ignore it...I've had them before this won't be the first it won't be my last. I know how to run through them now and as much as my mind tells me slow down or give in to the little bitch...I don't. I have my husbands voice in my head saying "run through it, ignore it, just keep pushing" but none the less the stitch/the 4 hills they drop my pace down around 8min mark

Mile Side stitch is still there but I do the good old Connie Boom Boom Pep Talk on myself and curse at myself a few times and tell myself to suck it up and dig this shiz out and that's what I did. Caught my negative split on the way back toward home plate. Put my Boom Blaster Button on around 2.75 miles in and just let it 'LOOSE' AND GOT ALL CRAZY WITH DA' RUN !!! hahaha, I was running seriously 11mph according to the garmin and I was able to pass two people coming in STRONG!

24:34 Just over 2 minutes FASTER than my Spring Time 5k Race! I'm getting faster and it's easier and I'm SIMPLY LOVING THIS! I am working so hard on my running. I am putting forth so much effort and energy into my distances, my pace, my breathing/form that it's paying off and it always has. I am getting out Running exactly what I'm putting into it.

There is not much in life that has ever done that for me. Perhaps it's why I'm so in Love with Running. Why I'm so Addicted to it. Sure sometimes I have runs that bite and runs that hurt and suck and drain me. Times where I feel like I'm not progressing or etc but in the end I always prevail. A commitment that I hope to keep forever! (p.s. in about 5minutes when I bitch about having to run 20miles, just ignore all this sappy shiz, lmao!)

Here I is coming in STRONG!!!

Waited around and it was so worth it! The Playing field was not HUGE today just a couple hundred runners but I'll take it!!! First Place in my Age Group 30-39!!!

hellz yeah!

$20 Prize for my Age Group Win! I have been DREAMING about this....when I run really hard and fast I think about winning in my age group and today it finally happened and I just could not stop smiling and I wanted to cry so bad just because you know me and I cry alot and I was just so proud but I held back as everyone was watching me! just so dam humbled! I would of liked a little trophy but the gift card is practical. For the 25 race I got 20 back and a Great Glass Mug instead of a t-shirt and that to me is like super uber cool!!!

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  1. Connie, this was a great read!

    Good for you for pacing yourself and not being put off by the folk whizzing past you; I bet some of them were passed by you later on because they'd just gone off too fast.

    I'll be happy when I break the 30 min barrier at 5k on the road. You're breaking 25 which is fab! Keep going; you are a huge inspiration :o)