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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Run for Amelia Marathon

Hello CCRG's and Friends & Family. Today was a Really Special Day and I completely understand if you skim the post and just grab onto tidbits of what I have to share, I feel like I have a Million Things to Share! So I will cause I'm like that. So Start Skimming or Have a Seat, settle in with something to nibble on and enjoy the Post.

I took complete rest days. One is to make this a taper week for me. 31,31 & 36 mile weeks in progression, I needed to taper back with a LR and taper back on total mileage for the week. My Knees - both ironically were aching for two days- probably all the speed running and double run this week, lol- I really do push myself too much sometimes. Anyways. Perfect Rest Days as my all 3 kids battled their first colds of the Season- let it be Spring and they finally get sick. Coughs and really weak. I felt the same way. Topped with a 10day late period and pcos difficulties, my back and ovaries ached (true Fight Like a Girl, right?) lol- Well insomnia struck me with just a few hrs of sleep and I finally got some and woke up to my period- so cramping and running and aching is True and Proof of Pure RunnerGirl Glory- That's what RunnerGirls have to endure, changing tampons and cramps and hot flashes and nausea.

We get all ready this morning and I'm feeling ready and pumped.
We drop RunnerBoy off at the start and I take off to get gas, drinks for the kids and then I actually drove to Marcellus and met with a Wedding Photography Client and then drove back to meet up with RunnerBoy and RunnerGirl Anna...and at that Point RunnerBoy Vin- the Hills were just ridiculous and all my kids kept saying "Omg, Mommy- Daddy has to run this?" and we just pulled over so many times and looked the hills and especially one 1mile honker he had...Impressive! Here are some of those pics!

The Weather Was a Cold Spring Day. Mother Nature is Confused and we bounce from 80's to 40's recently. Today was a wet, drizzly at moments Low 40's degree Day. Little Wind so Cold was ok, because there was not much wind to make it not so miserable sort of cold.

I'm none to Eager to Start my 13.1 Portion on a HILL. No Warming Up and then Hitting a Hill- My Warm Up WAS a a hill. Actually here it is. Don't Crap Your pants like I did when you see it. When I got into Marcellus and saw that Honker Hill - my Nerves struck and Poop is exactly what I had to do, I won't lie- Potty Break was a must. lmao. Ok, so then I was even more Eager to Move along with this Run- lmao! Ha- Modesty is Not in my Vocabulary.

I start the Hill- I declared myself a chance to just climb this thing and not look at my pace and that I didn't. But I think it took me 12 minutes to climb the dam thing ....a small stitch at the top- went away with some strong and big inhale/exhales.
Every Flat away I was able to hit a steady 8:15-8:35 pace ....but really- look at the Garmin- Not much Steady flat anywhere on this course- except when I got into the city.

One thing I know for sure- I run Hills....I DO NOT DOMINATE THEM. I want to. One Day I will. I know it's my Weakness with Running- the Domination and Eating them up and Spitting them out- I save so much- I Fear Pushing so hard on them that I puke- I know how I am- I push on flat aways and I'm very afraid of breaking myself on a hill and crashing on a run. One Day I'll grow past this- I'm not a perfect runner- I have the rest of my Life to Perfect them and get faster on them. Now I find I can own them for 9:30 - 10min pace - sometimes slower- depending!

Don Ran the first Half in 2:07....but at the same time he had at least 17 minutes where he didn't stop the watch. He went to the bathroom- got drinks, lol
I didn't stop the watch at lights or adjusting my shoes, etc, picking up money etc. We just kept it going- what you see is a great pace despite at least 18min of inactivity, lol

I ran my Half Portion in 1:58

Ok so for the Really Fun Stuff?

•I found 28 Cents on my Run= 1 Quarter and 3 Penny's.
One Penny I gave to Amelia for Luck. I met her for the first time when I was 7 miles into my run and took a break (it was my only fuel and hydration on the route today- 10oz of active Gatorade) I handed her the Boom Penny and told her how important they are to me, I find them- I keep them as mementos of my Runs and looking for money keeps me focused on my Strong Runs and I wanted her to know that she Too was Strong and it meant alot to me for her to have one ♥

The Not so Fun Part!
I got Lost- I was Running with a Partner Here ↓ He is in TaperVille for Running for Charity in the Boston Marathon - He normally runs strong 7min paces and today he was comfortable with running his pace and waiting for me at the top of Hills :)

Well kept an eye for me, we got into the City of Syracuse, NY .....we started to Run through the Side of Syracuse. Which is Really Well Known as the High Crime Gangster Area of the City. Crime- like Drive-Bys and Murders happen here almost daily. He kept a decent 1/10th mile clip ahead of me the whole time- well we entered a park and he turned left and another quick left- saw me through trees- problem was I stopped and didn't see him when I got to the corner- I was like "where did he go?" .....I looked in all 3 directions...I didn't see him? ......I saw a cop coming toward me from the South - Northward- I flagged him down and was going to ask him if he saw a runner up ahead as he was coming from around another corner- well the Cop ....Yeah....He NEVER even rolled down the window - I bent over to tap his glass and waived at him- he made eye contact with me through the window just a food away from my face and just Pulled away- I threw my hands into the air like "really?" lmao......................WOW......................Serve me Cop- I lost my Running Partner- I'm in the Ghetto, lol ....H E L P ME ...............Nah. I felt a little frustrated at him- but my mind doesn't think Negative- it thinks "When I'm an Officer- I'll stop" !!!!

I adventured through da'hood. Cat Calls. Loose Pitbulls ready to Attack- Stares, Yells......I was likely the only white blond they have EVER seen Running through their Neighborhood. I kept my head focused and my pace strong- Just keep on Moving Connie! I felt a little vulnerable in those moments and I was Lost for about 3miles. but I have a great sense of direction and honest to God this helped me today, the WISEST Wisdom from my 6 year old this Morning Ironically enough
"Mommy, do you know what to do if you ever get lost? Lick Your Finger and put
it in the Air and you will find Your way"
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whitney was highly upset and crying when she learned I was missing- everyone was looking for me when I didn't arrive at the mile 23 checkpoint (I guess I should of studied the route map better) well I cheered her up when I told her Tip Helped me Today ♥
Could You Imagine this RunnerGirl Licking her Finger in the Hood and Putting it in the air? Holla' I wonder if Any Gangsta's thought this was my RunnerGirl Gang Sign?

So It came down to some major decision making as I was lost as to which way to turn. I could turn left into major housing projects or run toward the freeway which I know the other side at some point contains the hospital district. Not a wise choice to run more in the South Neighborhoods so I opted for the Freeway- ok- so where I got nervous was when it got Quiet. When I got lost to be acutely aware of my surroundings I stopped my ipod- I kept my buds into to appear like I was likely jamming away to music but the truth is I was listening for cars, dogs and signs of people trouble. My survivor and "Fight Like a Girl" Instincts shined through- I know that because I did not Freak Out like maybe some Women would in that situation further proves I'm ready to become a Police officer. I had my Survival Mode on and I was ready to protect myself. I was a tad upset I didn't have my mace/pocket knife Like I normally do but none the less I'm not a RunnerGirl anyone wants to mess with...I actually train to protect myself- it's why I feel it's important for me to be so Strong- Well, I get near this underpass and it's dead quiet - and I wonder if I can make my way past the freeway going this way? I hauled ass and till I noticed I got to where I needed to be. That adrenaline shook me ...changed my energy and I went flat fast- I saw a hill or go straight- I was tapped for hills, my calves were aching- so I walked upped it- I thought - whats the point of running and crushing myself- I'm emotionally vulnerable - physically a little spent in the legs and so I walked 1/10th a mile up and then started running again and found my way to the hospital.

Despite the walk at the end- I still managed 1:58 half marathon today with all my elevation gains, so on an Athletic sense, I'm Happy :)

Physically I'm good- I didn't realize till after but I'm sick too- my neck and glands are sore and I'm sure that I am starting to get what my 3 kids have been sick with for a couple days now. Oh and I'm Tired- Really Tired, lol - So Tired I don't want to do 4-5 hrs of Math Homework- ha!

THE MOST AMAZING PART..............♥ AMELIA ♥........................

When I got to Golisano Childrens Hospital in Syracuse I got the Amazing Pleasure to meet Amelias Family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and Mom!

I was told some history to Amelia's chiari malformation, the Surgery that was supposed to take just 6 hrs but lasted 12 hrs. How she suffered with symptoms before surgery, how she had to battle allergic reactions to Morphine and struggle to walk and the endless worry about her ability to walk and eat and have full control over her body despite having major spine surgery. I was taken back when I was shown the scars that ran down the back of her neck and down into her spine and the scar where a spinal drainage port was. I tear up thinking about how Strong she is. The photos and videos that her Mom shared with me flash through my mind. Her mother had to Fight to Advocate for her Daughter with her HealthCare. That Because of Mom's Strength she likely saved her daughters life. Amelia was incredibly Ill and our local doctors and area hospital would not take her seriously. I am sad that someone has to fight so hard to advocate that her daughter was more ill that any doctor believed. Thank God for doctors and hospitals that took the time to listen! Amelia has a little sister and she spent so much time watching out for and tending to her big sisters needs! I wished I had something to give her too! What a Strong Little Sister. Her Family had to Travel from Central New York down to Long Island for Surgery and treatments. I could not imagine the cost that has on the family. No cozy home kitchen to cook meals. All the gas and costs of traveling.

If you are at all interested in Giving Back to help Pay for Amelias Medical expenses that I'm sure are being payed for by her Parents then we would appreciate any help in that. Amelia so Far has been Donated over $1230 on behalf of Efforts put on by and you can donate even just a dollar or five to

A Video for Amelia

************* The Family Thanks You for All Your Support and I told them about CCRG and our how many of you shared Miles and Offered up Prayers and they smiled Big and thought it was so Impressive! Thank You All so Much for Giving Back! ********
All the Runners & Amelia


  1. Connie, as ever, I am incredibly proud of you. You share with us the nitty gritty of life as a Runner Girl and the fact that you are 'just one of us' inspires me and so many others. We are learning how to be better runners, but we are still those big girls, lacking confidence, questioning what we do, finding fault. We are emerging from a cocoon and our butterfly wings are having a shake down - we just need to have a little faith in ourselves and our new found ability!

  2. Thank You Julie ♥ I am Really Proud of you too!