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Monday, March 26, 2012

Run, Shoulder Bi & Tri Today

I woke up on the most perfect side of the bed this Morning! I woke up with the very first initial thought and feeling of Gratitude and Excitement for Another Great Day in My Life. I said a Prayer and Declared to Own my Day and Make it the Best ♥
Today I did a Run, Weights, Elliptical Routine.
.7mile warm up- walk/run up to 5k race pace
2 miles at 5k Race Pace Intervals.
Who Knows Why I did this. I didn't want to do anything but Run. I got on and my right knee actually didnt feel good. No pain but pressure. I was NOT happy. But I warmed up and I pushed to test the knee. HA! Oh Knee You hurt at a slow pace- let's see if you hurt going fast...UM' Of Course Not- Remember my Knee tendinitis loves FAST, so I gave it what it wanted and truth be told I enjoyed that Sweat! No WAIT...I LOVED IT :)
I did a concentration on Shoulders Bi's and Tri's Today.
My Shoulders Hurt Plenty after today and this is what I did.
10lb lateral raises rep 10 2 sets
35lb set of 21's wow- that one hurt, lol
25lbs 2 sets of 21's
20lb set bicep curls
25lb 3 sets of bicep curls
110lb Pulldowns 1 set
110lb pullbacks 1 set
90lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
100lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
110lb tricep pulldown 2 sets
25lb tricep dumbell extensions 2 sets
20lb dumbell shoulder press 1 set
10 assisted pullups
10 tricep dips on dipping station
I tell you what- I'm really really sore tonight. My left shoulder/bicep is aching. Not sure this is a good ache so I will have to be mindful of how much I'm doing. I do get carried away. I need to organize my weight lifting with some routine! I have None other than trying to make sure I get in there 2x a week now! Today is Monday My last Weight Routine was Thursday- I missed it!
If you want help to learn of these- this chick is great to walk you through them :)
After I decided to do a hit of some more cardio without running. So I opted for the Elliptical and didn't think much of it but soon I started to compete against the clock for ten minutes and got in 1.96 miles in just 10 minutes and well had I known I was going to do that I would of pushed earlier on and got in over 2 miles, darn it, haha!
B: Banana
L: All Natural PBJ on Whole Wheat
S: Mixed Nuts & Cherrys
D: Home-Made Macaroni and Cheese and 1/2 Avocado
S: Greek Yogurt
My Body Woes me. I'm having an issue with PCOS the last two months. I'm not sure why but I'm very symptomatic. Moods, hormones, fatigue, carb craving, flux in weight, sleep irregularities, fast growing hair, omg- you name it. I am Offically One Week Late on my Period- I'm rarely this late. I can't be preggo- Runnerboy had a the Big V- so it's stubborn body. I'm bloated. I'm really uncomfortable. I'm ROUND from Bloat ---GAH! Oh and I hate Runnerboy Today. Despite Him wanting to "own" me. No RunnerBoy GO AWAY- I must be getting this period, I always hate him when I'm close to getting it. He looks at me and says "You are getting your Rag" and I just want to smack him for using such filthy talk. No worries I only smack in a good way, ha! Anyways.
Other than that- Life is good- CCRG Stickers are Being Sold- Sent some Out today with more Being Sent out Tmrw!
This Webpage is Looking Great- I keep making changes and Look forward to hopefully many years of just doing this stuff for fun and Helping people like you to stay motivated, Eat Well and Run Strong! xx

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