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Thursday, March 29, 2012

May 2012 RunnersWorld Review

It's that time again. I joyfully jump and down for my RunnersWorld Magazine in the mail. Simply just because I love Running. I love Reading about Running and well most times I proudly confess I know so much already about what is shared in the articles about Running, however I know many of you don't. Many of you don't subscribe to the monthly mailings. So instead of letting all my Reading go to the waste- side I am going to share with you all what I think about each Month's Magazine!

First I notice continuously the last several months (trust me I glanced over the pile of RW's) and they all Advertise in the upper left cover of the Magazine "Get Fit, Stay Fit" or "Lose weight" articles inside. Clearly I'm NOT the Only CCRG out there Running to Lose Weight and finding their passion along side others!

My First Stop is always the "Rave Run" Photography 2 page layout each month. As an aspiring Running Photographer I always think "I want to be there running that and taking that picture!" *tip - bored on a treadmill- do a spread of the RaveRun on your Tready and Get lost in the scenery- I did an 11 miler once to an incredibly beautiful Rave Run Pic Last Year! But My Mind is easy to manipulate like that! For Images go Here


►All Whites- Eggland Eggwhites did a little half page ad on Protein for a Smooth Recovery and gave a yummy looking BlueBerry Pomegranate Protein Smoothie
1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt (my CCRG Tip- go Greek Vanilla instead for added protein)

►Fresh Mint is in Season Now- Vitamin A, C & Iron, Manganese- good with tea, pesto, pork

►Pre - Run Fuel: Orange, applesauce, pudding (go with no/low fat pudding and unsweetened applesauce) dried dates, whole grain cereal, hummus/carrots, instant oatmeal and sweet potato's

Inspiring People:

►The Human Race- Erin Henderson lost 75lbs with 55lbs of it through Running. She Started Running 5k's and went onto run a 4:15 Marathon in December of 2010 and then Qualified for Boston and is hoping to Break 3:20 at her next Marathon. Her found passion for Running and Her amazing speed progression is not just impressive within itself but she has 12 children (some adopted) and she is able to teach and take care of some special needs children and still log over 75miles a week by getting up at 5am daily to run! I tried to cyber stalk this woman and can't find her! She is Inspiring and Incredible!

►"When I started, I'd Run a little, think about Walker, cry, stop, pray, and run a little more, Quit is not in my Vocabulary" Flo'Allen-Hopson started running at age 57for her son Walker who is age 5 and has type 1 diabetes. She Helped Raise more than $35,300 for her local Diabetes Center.

►Keith Wood- Qualifies for Boston at Age 81- He'll be the oldest male competitor at Boston this year! Wow!!!

►Glen Miller- age 67- Was diagnosed Leukemia and given just 6months to live, however he fought back and qualified for Boston (3:57) where he will run in honor of his bone marrow donor. God Bless this Man!


After Building Up your Base, it's time to pick up the pace and get more fit! To get faster you have to spend time training fast. Running burns 50% more calories than walking and speed work boosts metabolism for hours AFTER your work-out is over. It's vital to have a base built prior to beginning speed work-outs because the connective tissue in your leg muscles need that - making for a strong musculoskeletal system.

**if you are an experienced runner focusing in on your speed working to help you reach your goal event. Hone into Race Pace Intervals when you do speed combo's. If you are a 1/2 or Full Marathoner you could tap into 1/2 Marathon Pace for 4 miles and then start tapping into your 10k or 5k Race Pace intervals x6. **

►Target Work-outs:

Beginner 5k- Run 200 meters Hard, walk/jog 200 meters .....repeat 6 times

Intermediate 5k- 8x400 at 5k race pace with 200- meter jog.

Advanced 5k- 1x800 at 5k pace 400 meter jog recovery. 2x400 at sub 5k pace 200 meter jog. 4x200 at mile pace with 200 meter recovery jog. 2x400 at sub 5k pace 200 meter jog.

►The Fast Lane- Steve "Mona" Moneghetti - Aussie Olympic Marathoner -Fartlek:Run the effort between 5k & 10k pace and the recovery at Marathon Pace or slightly faster (this one is my Fave ♥) 2x90 seconds with 90 seconds recovery.....4x60 second with 60 second recovery....4x30 seconds with 30second recovery....4x15 seconds with 15 seconds recovery.

►Canova K's- Italian Coach suggests giving this a try: 1000 meters at Half-Marathon Pace, followed by 1000 meters at Marathon Pace - Repeat three to six times.

► Tech Time-out....How Often are You Disconnecting from your music and watch? I don't do it often myself with the watch- but yesterday I did - I did time it from my house to my destination but I didn't have a watch telling me a pace- I ran what I wanted. Find some Liberation and Disconnect

►Knee Savers (don't I know it!) - foam Roll, Squat thrusts, side to side lunges

►Attitude adjustor's

•Are you vowing to train harder but lack follow through: Set a new goal, join a running club, run for charity.

•You've found balance and now you need to stay on track: Focus on your enjoyment so it keep you running!

•You're obsessing and analyzing your running- Listen to your body and relax when you need to avoid burn-out and injury, cut yourself some slack and focus on life when you're not running and stop thinking so much about your running.

►There was a huge Head to Toe several page spread about Head to Toe Newbie chronicle information and I think I'll save that for another post :)

►Running Duds won't perform if you don't launder them properly- skip the fabric softener - it can coat your dry-wick and lose it's ability to wick, hang your clothes dry, wash in cold water, wash them immediately after a run.

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