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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Group CCRG Fitnes Fun *Again!

4 CCRG's Running & Lifting & Stretching-

Of course toss in some ass slaps- hand stands- head stands- and domination- cat calls and we are all set!

I can get used to this Fun!

Treadmill- I had not much- going slow - was hoping to double run today- I have my running club tonight - so I went light 3 miles in 29min that included a 6-7min walk to warm up- body feels heavy- I am so tired- I want to bed at 2:30 am last night and up at 7:30 and I'm feeling, so tired!

Weights- Supersets- Biceps/triceps/back& shoulders

We did some ham string stretches and some sill hand stands and my arms/shoulders literally couldn't hold up my own weight- I just really crushed them that hard in 35min.

I think I pinched a nerve or pulled something from my superset or a dam headstand- I'm hurting all day- to the point that I had to cancel my evening run and let Runnerboy take care of the club run. We had 2 new runnergirls I have never met before show up- slightly disappointed but I know I will get to meet them soon! It's great to see more people show up for the runs now that Spring is Approaching!


2 egg whites

chicken- protein shake

poultry sausage, cous cous, broccoli

snikkidy snack

water- lots- I have my 14 miler in the morning- I actually added some Gu Active Drink mix to it- for extra electrolytes before my run! * this is a great tip for you RunnerGirls* Get Your Electrolytes in **BEFORE** YOU RUN TOO!

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