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Saturday, March 24, 2012

♥ Sweet 16 Love ♥

First I wanted to show off the new outfit I bought - Running and Eating Healthy Pay off :)

Hello! I had to switch back to .blogspot as my new domain would not work and I'm not sure where it went wrong- but after 3 days it should of been accessible yet it got worse after 3 days and even I couldn't access or see my own blog. GAH! That is Not good- I need this place. It's mine and I love here. I pour my heart and emotions out on this little white screen about my life, my loves, my passions, my foods, my obsessions and well I guess you just get to be witness to my boring, my indifference, my awesome *wink* , My Crazy little life!
I took two full days of Running Rest. Thursday was a hit of the weights and I tackled 30lb bicep curls for the first time. Really not looking to always rep on weight this heavy- I've mastered 25lbs and can super -set them easily without any more tear. So I knew I should transition. 5lbs is a big difference, lol Plus I wanted to hit the arms at least two days before a LR so it doesn't hurt me on a run. Learned that lesson a while back- so theres a tip for you- don't lift heavy before long runs- trust me your shoulders/arms/back might not like the swing of 2.5-3hrs of running!
Friday- Rest Day - fully- I was at home did some random planks, jumping jacks, jogging in place, ah- just cause- lol
I have been experience restless leg syndrome and not been mentioning too much about this. I experience my very first symptoms of it after my October Marathon. I was not running and my knee was in pain- I chalked it up to not running. This time I am thinking it's because I'm building up my base even more. I went from 25mile weeks to 30 and this week I went to 35. Ever since I hit 30+ mile weeks I notice an incredible urge/creepy crawling feeling like my legs need to bounce and jerk about and mostly at night- Poor RunnerBoy- he doesn't get mad at me- despite my endless twitching at night on some occasions. He rubbed me last night and just him massaging my quads super sensitized me to feel that same feeling a million fold and I felt like I wanted to jump off the couch. What it feels like is a nerve sensation to move. To Run, to twitch about- GAH! Why? lol- I was trying to not let my Paranoid side thing it was something serious-
I posted an interest blog on Wednesday about my father-trust me you likely want to skip my mental drama fest from that one! Lets just say several months ago I had to write this man out of my life for emotionally and mentally abusing me at 33 yrs old in a time in my life when I don't need or deserve it. Well he made contact with me via-facebook. Even though I have him blocked- he found a crack in the FB system and was able to make contact with me via my Photography business Page on FB. I was not happy. He also called me home and then left me a really nasty message last night. I am so over the abuse. I told him again to leave me alone. It's sad really that the man is so sick in the head. He is a poisonous snake just waiting to bite! Scarey and totally undeserved on my part. So I had that drama last night. I didn't get to bed in a timely manner and well I woke up later than I wanted. I wanted to be out running by 7am. That became 8:30
But I had 2 cups of Mojo and my Oatmeal- My normal Marathon training Run Fuel. I watched running videos, looked at motivating pictures and listened to some great music to get my body ready.
My head was not- I actually wanted to stay home- cuddle in bed. Hang out and do nothing today- omg...why? I just feel alot less passion to run this Marathon unlike my others. I'm not sure if it's the busy of my life. If it's because I gave myself permission to fall back to a 13.1 distance in May if I was not managing my life the way I needed to due to school. It has become a permission slip. I know after this point of 16 - in all reality in my mind there is no going back. 17, 18, 20 & 20 and maybe another 2o and I'm done for LR's and that is so worthy of a medal if I adventure into that long run territory. ha!
I was fearful that the runs was going to be shiz nizzy too- as I kept trying to train 'smarter' by slowing down. All coaches tell us to go 45-60 seconds slower per mile than normal . I don't know about this. Maybe this is so true for all those that run 6's and low 7's like normal. But if I run 8:30 like normal that puts me 9:15-9:30 and that is just tough to get into. I feel so slow- my stride really off- It's relaxing but I struggle even to not go even slower, lol- I either have FAST or SLOW - ggrr! I want to be a better controlled runner so I keep putting pressure on myself.
So because I know that and this might be affecting my desire to run long- I need to just shut it all down in my head and just run what feels good for me- fast, slow, too fast, too slow- who cares- just clock my miles and celebrate the end result - no matter what.
So it's what I did- and I'm content with Today- NO_ I am PROUD of myself for letting me just be a runner- and stop self coaching myself and just RUN!
I felt great- all the way to Mile 10 where I made a mistake and well I again, I don't care, lol- but I went really fast simply because I felt the energy- I felt amazing- my feet were just on fire and I was feeling my Runners High- Hot Dam I love that feeling. Mile 10-12.5 I was running around an 8min pace and maybe even in the 7's for a while- but truth be told- I felt it hit me about mile 13 where my legs started to feel the burn- the heavy feeling- the tapping myself was good because If I can get a burn on a LR I secretly like it. I know I will make myself stronger in the end.
Last two were super tough and despite how tough they felt I still kept pace around 8:30-8:45.
Definite Negative Split today- my first half in 1:12 my second half in 1:08
Fuel mid run (actually at mile 6.5) was 10 oz Active Gatorade Fuel and 1 jet black raspberry GU
Trails, track, around ponds, to the lake, more hills, no waits- lots of elevation gains- nothing huge but still taxing ups on the legs!
Ice Bath-hurt so good!
Post Run Fuel- Sweet Potato- Walnut- maple syrup drizzled on top
Grilled chicken breast
All natural Whey Protein Shake
More Recovery Drink


  1. Hi Connie,

    Your page has changed my life. I remember your words "It aint going to be easy, but going to be worth it", "Dont feel like it, too bad, get going" whenever I feel lost out on energy or the will to carry on with my fitness plan. You are a strong and amazing person and thank you for sharing your experiences, your faith and your strength on this forum.

  2. You made me Weepy! Thanks for being apart of what I'm doing. I'm honored to help and I value whatever inspiration and motivation I can provide. You know that saying is so Important, I still use it. Actually almost every Hard Run! Bless You and Keep Running Forward ♥