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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My First Little Black Dress :)

If you follow the blog and not my Facebook- it's why I'll make this post here!

Sharing and Celebrating my Very Own Little Black Dress- I have been wanting to buy one and today I just stumbled upon a Great Bargain *Yep- clearance bargain shopper here!!!* 7 dollars Runnersgirls!! That's it! Another 8 for More Strappy open toed shoes and BOOM! I tried it on- size Medium with lots of room without being stuck to the guts and I feel amazing- ridiculously short and it hugs the butt and makes me feel so Sexy- Meow!!

It's My First and I love that I'm sharing that with you all- especially since I've been maintaining for almost a year and I FINALLY have one!

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