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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recovery Run & Arms & Abs

Yesterday I did an easy 5.5 with the my runningclub~♥
Keeping it tender- I ran with 2 other runnergirls and I enjoyed running nice and tender- no attention to pace because we didn't wear a watch. But we know we were about ten minutes after the boys returned from the run and so I definitely kept the girls under 10min miles and one is recovering from meniscus surgery and the other was doing her first ever double run day! So we certainly not out there to do anything but enjoy! The weather was perfect- like seriously wished I had my camera because the sky was so intimate. I have been so blessed to capture so many sunsets on my runs and that is my all time favorite- I love catching the rise of the side but most especially catching the sunset on them!

Today I did a mad session of the arms and small hits of my abs and lots of stretching. Yesterday and today I spent many hours cleaning, organizing my home. I'm talking moving the stove and re-arranging stuff. I loving this feeling- I bought new organizers- and put a new door on my pantry and bought one of the fancy but so cheap over the door canned good shelf units. yeah- BAM- Loving it! I bought contact paper and I'm going to keep re-arranging my pantry and then when I have space for more stuff in there I am going to clean out more of my one kitchen cupboard- am I the only one out there with a cabinet that when you open it' you shuffle to find and stuff falls all over? ok- my house is 120 years old- nothing super fancy- even so I still might have a junk drawer and a junk cabinet...'GAH' ....I eliminated 2 shelving units out of my 6x9 bathroom. Witt that said I disposed of 3 trash bags of stuff from my bathroom- YES THREE BAGS and it was not trash- we are talking old make- up- hold perfumes- old medicines- omg- shoot me- it was terrible how much I keep.

I definitely think I keep too much- I'll spare you my analytic thinking as I purge my house!

Running Rest Today- Nothing different for foods today - other than I did do a pizza tonight- rest days- calorie up and I enjoyed 2 slices- yum! Breakfast- Orange- lunch- pbj & Greek yogurt- Snack- popcorn

Yesterday food was on point- chicken avocado sandwich and broccoli for dinner- lunch easy egg & mushroom scrambled with 1/2 slice of 2% cheese.

I'm so tired- I have not spent but 15min on facebook today and not much time there at all this week- I'm secretly loving it!

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