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Sunday, March 18, 2012

No Fuss 100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Yes!! You Can Snack! Healthy, Clean, Quick and Easy!

100Calorie & Under Snacks that require No Baking or Recipes:

• 4 Dark Chocolate Kisses or tbsp of tbsp of Dark Chocolate Mini morsels. Dark Chocolate is Full of Flavenoids and anti-oxidants. The Dark Cocoa is very Heart Healthy unlike Milk chocolate which is just sugar and saturated fat.

• 1/2 Cup of Slow Churned Ice-Cream or just under 1/2 cup of sherbet or sorbet

• 3 cups of Air Popped Popcorn

• Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks

•Raw Veggies- Endless eating- virtually little calories in most raw veggies- so you know what- go eat your heart out!

•Natural Peanut Butter- Great for Whole Wheat Cracker or fruit like Apple or veggie like Celery

• Fresh Fruit- I love it- fiber, nutrients, water - but control yourself - there is still sugar in it and you don't need more than one serving at a time! Mix it up- make a smoothie, bake an apple and sprinkle it with Cinnamon and enjoy

•Hummus- tag with some veggies like 8 carrots and 2tbsp of Hummus you will get just under 100 calories!

•Nuts- Use Your Scale to Measure Proper Portion Size - Almonds for Example: 14 for just 98 Calories or 20 Pistachios for 8o calories

• Pickles & Olives- Great Snack RunnerGirls!

• Non Fat- Greek Yogurt - Try Freezing Frozen Yogurt and eating it as ice-cream, Yum!
•Fat Free Cool Whip

•Jello *it's ok to use real sugar Jello- just portion control it and top with whipped cream!*

•Pumpkin Seeds

•Sunflower Seeds

•Frozen Banana Pop - coat with nonfat yogurt, insert a stick and freeze.

• 3/4-1 cup of a high fiber cereal (oat cereal, raisin bran, Cheerios, granola)

• Whole Grain Tortilla Chips with Salsa (just about 8 chips and 2tbsp of Salsa)

•Low Fat String Cheese- approx: 70 calories

• Dried Fruit

Healthy Snacks just over 140calories per serving that a CalorieCountingRunnerGirl can Enjoy!

• Kettle Chips-

•Snickiddy Snack-

• Annes snack mix

• No Pudge Brownie (made with non-fat Greek yogurt)

•Skinny Cow Ice-Creams

• Sensible Portions-

Tips to Portion Control & Moderation

1) Use Snack Bags and Portion out your snacks ahead of time

2) Never eat from a bag or a container- put into a bowl first

3) Never Purchase more than what you'll need

4) Seal off or Freeze Leftovers

5) Bring these snacks with you on the go- bring with you only what you need. Keep extras in your purse or car for when you are feeling vulnerable to fast food or pitstops simply because you are hungry

6) Use Your Measuring Cups/Spoons or Scale. Never ever go by chip or nut count- weigh your food you may get an extra chip or you may lose one- Be accurate, trust me at the end of a full day it can be a difference of 100-300 calories

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