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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Treadmill 5k pr

Wanted to adventure into a 5k today knowing it's been a solid 3 months so I purposefully went to run a hard 3.1 miles. That actually saddens me a little bit. I've focused on intervals can run 7:20 mile for almost 2 miles now- but to actually get out there and run hard for an entire 5k on a treadmill to boot is a big deal. conisstently I have been running hard 5k's but really I typically fall around the 24 and half min range - most often always sub 25- it's normal for me- but to actually push and pr and train harder- not something I have been doing in the short term. Distance has been higher priority to me since my knee recovery.

It hurt, it sucked the life out of me- I didn't have doubts I had suffering- lol- it was NOT easy for me at all - like much harder than I thought which is so funny to me because you would think I was a kenyan of some sorts with my mentality- I have such a warrior attitude I want to run faster and stronger - EASIER but it's Not easy to Run Fast. MAD RESPECT for getting to this pace- mad respect to those that run 5k's not in my 7:35 pace but in Low or mid 6's....I really hope to be there one day. To cut 10 seconds per mile is really that huge of a deal. I cut 6 seconds off my last 5k but that was a road race in winter- this was a treadmill run and the difference is HUGE. There is not thrill factor- it's not the same feelings on the body and there is nothing more than personal strife that pushes me to the finish. At least in a race when I am running that hard I am actually hoping to be competitive in my age group. But such is Training...this was a Really great training run.

I did bend down once to grab my shirt - it became my snot and sweat rag- haha! I did hop once to stretch my lower back for about 5 seconds- I feel that I have gained weight this month and it's not muscle. I have to be mindful of my PCOS it was reall nagged me last month- I gained and lost 4lbs last month. I don't weight daily often but lately I have been trying to be mindful. I've had more than I like moments where I had an 'off' meal just in terms of clean and quantity. My body is very sensitive to changes at this point. I went from pcos raveneous moments to forcing to fuel myself because I needed to- just been an odd 4 week for me- hormones all over the place. I went from 158-161 bounce for months- then last month I went to 164-165 and stayed there for 2 weeks- last week I lost it all for a week and this week it's back. It's really ODD and I'm not liking it. I don't know if it's endurance running- muscle soreness- sodium or what- but anyways in this journey I suppose to find my comfort zone when I'm constantly changing my training and my weight lifting and my running and the deep need to fuel and deal with pcos- it's never going to be perfectly fiquired out- but I just maintain the lifestyle and just monitor myself. Almost 1 year maintaining - I'm learnig alot! When I get to a year anniversary I'll make a blog post about maintaining so I can share with others! but anyways- I LITERALLY feel these lbs around my waist as I run- it's like tossing on sugar bags around my waist and hips- I ponder how much faster I could eventually become if I slim down- the theory is you gain 2 seconds per mile faster for each lb you lose!ha! Worth it? Sure! If I go from 164 to 155 I take 11 seconds off per mile and maybe run my 7:20 for an entire 5k and get sub 23min! lol!! Better get back to calorie counting! lol- No I just don't count anymore- I do once in a while- but I try to use moderation as my tool now.

today I started a challenge - MORE VEGGIES! Ok so at the end of this week I'll blog how incorporated veggies into each meal and most importantly a strong concentration on veggie upping my breakfasts! So Look foward to that!


2 eggs scrambled w/
broccoli floretes

Celery stalk
tbsp natural pb
triple health english muffin
natural jam

Celery stalk with tsp pb
carrots with tsp pb
1/2 small banana

3/4 cup of whole wheat pasta
Low Sodiuam heart healthy sauce
4 turkey meatballs
1 slice of garlic toast (home-made)
parm cheese sprinkled on top
1 cup of grilled squash
2 tbsp of mandarin oranges

190 cals of Dark Chocolate kisses

Late Evening Protein- 8oz unsweetened almond milk with Jillian Michaels all natural whey & Greek Yogurt

Total Today: Approx: 1500cals
Fitness Approx: 460 cals

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