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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 Miler for #3

Yesterday I ran 60 minutes. I was feeling utterly dehydrated and I was slightly frustrated because it was so beautiful - but my foot bothered me as I ran against head wind- throw in some elevation gains and the run was just 'ok' nothing stellar- pace was a bummer- but considering my recovery from Saturdays 5k pr- I just took- I soaked in the sun afterwards- the best part I spend the rest of Saturday tending to my 3 peeps (6 yrs old & 3.5 yr old twins) throw in my sisters kids - 7 & 4 then you can imagine my house was busy!!! But in return for taking them overnight- my sister took my 3 and so while Runnerboy worked I ran and then took off to the college and worked my math and sat there for 6hrs and fried my brain with algebra! Gah!
But here is me soaking in some sun after my run!

Today I woke up and had breakfast and took off for my 15 miler. I had NO foot issues today! I did feel a little dehydrated still and should of drank up more- but I knew I didn't. Sucks- I really know better- but ever get so busy you forget to take care of yourself? Yeah- I do that! After my run I spend 6hrs at school and I drank maybe 16oz there- then home where I drank maybe 20 more and still NOT enough!
I ran in just a t-shirt and shorts- it was really cold down by the lake and I ran WestLake Road Today- my House to the Lake- down WestLake and felt like I went really 'far down' the lake and I was about 4miles down- then turn around and come straight back. I did a quick potty break at the circle at the lake- hey nature calls! I actually felt better having gone-!
I really knew I was running gentle- I pay close attention to breathing and heart rate- this pace was like a walk for me- not to say that it still doesn't work the legs- running even slower works different muscles- just like running faster works different muscles. I wanted to run this gentle- I am learning to control myself. I feel like I know I can run strong and then I do- and then I fade. I don't want to fade at Buffalo- NO matter what my time in Buffalo this Year- I want it to be like Buffalo Last Year- I didn't Fade- I want to feel Good till the finish- Unlike Empire where I faded and crashed and hurt myself. I want to run all year - I don't want to injure myself- I thought I'd make this Marathon Goal 8:30 MP but I have changed that- I would love to even go 8:45 - but with all honestly like I said - I am looking to run even splits this Marathon- so I will aim for 9min miles consistently and come in under 4hrs if all works out my way. In order to get there- I need to get a grip on my runs- This includes embracing my strong runs and embracing my easier runs. This includes being able to really control my pace...which is like REALLY hard on me. I tend to have 2 gears- either s l o w or FAST.
I averaged 9:45 pace for the first 7.5 miles in 1:13min Then I drank 16oz of water- 1 Gu jetblack and ditched the hydration belt along side the road and ran back home- in 1:04 for 8:32 Pace.
Seriously I ran sub 25min 5k at the end of this run....I had wings and I was running sub 8min pace alot at the end- I felt AMAZING- stark contrast to the start- I wonder if the water and GU really did me good ? lol
Total Time for 15 miles 2:17 for avg 9:07 per mile. - Slower than I wanted but I'm learning to control the slow- I am looking forward to more self control!
Whole Wheat Pancake
pure maple syrup
Post run:
Green Smoothie
3 whole organic eggs
2 egg whites
2 slices of whole wheat bread
tsp healthy balance spread
Beef CheeseBurger on Bun
*small scoop of ice-cream*
Dark Chocolate
Greek Yogurt
Todays Cals: 2200
The burn on my watch said: 1800

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